CIVICUS Accountability’s journey – some updates! 

Have you been wondering what’s up withCIVICUS’ accountability actions? Are you looking for examples and opportunities to strengthen your own organisation’s accountability or connect with others to take more concrete accountability steps? Then, this blog is for you!

Check the CIVICUS’ Accountability Report 2017-2018!

CIVICUS submits annual accountability reports to Accountable Now (since 2007/2008), to share progress against our Accountability Framework. This reporting provides a unique opportunity to reflect upon shortcomings and lessons learnt for the future. Our latest 2017/2018 report focused on significant organisational changes; how we aim to reduce our environmental footprint; protecting our stakeholders, specifically in relation to sexual exploitation and abuse; building trusting partner relationships; as well as first trends coming out of our feedback response mechanism (see more details further down). In their assessment of the report, Accountable Now’s Independent Review Panel congratulated CIVICUS for its honest and easy-to-read accountability reporting. Their main concern was around ensuring that CIVICUS is able to show its relevance and impact to tackle shrinking civic space. Don’t hesitate to share the 2017/2018 report or pose comments on social media using #DynamicAccountability and tagging handle @CIVICUSalliance.

Provide your inputs for CIVICUS’ Accountability Report 2018-2019!

Our next Accountability Report is due by 31 December 2019. We would like to increase member voices in this report – please let us know what you think CIVICUS’ main areas for improvement are, to be more accountable to you and the alliance. Also, we would love to hear success stories of good accountability practices from your organisations and networks, to feature them in the upcoming report. Please share relevant information with Merle from CIVICUS’ Impact and Accountability team ()

CIVICUS accountability in Action

CIVICUS’ Strategic Goals 2017-2022 include empowering a more accountable, effective, and innovative civil society (Strategic Goal #3). Along with striving for improved accountability within the CIVICUS Secretariat, we are working with members and partners to improve accountability practices more broadly in civil society. For example, coordinating the Affinity Group of National Associations’ (AGNA) legitimacy, transparency, and accountability (LTA) platform featuring good practices from around the world, as well as the Resilient Roots initiative, which tests whether organisations who are more accountable and responsive to their primary constituents are more resilient against external threats. 

Increase your accountability practices!

Wondering how you can increase your accountability? Here are two suggestions: 

1/ We encourage you to implement well-functioning feedback and complaints mechanisms on your websites (or in physical mailboxes in your offices or at your events) and to ensure that you follow up with those providing inputs.Have a look at this webinar with examples from Oxfam and Transparency International Kenya on this topic. 

2/ If you’re a large or international CSO, we encourage you to publish your own accountability reports using the Global Standard for CSO Accountability framework

CIVICUS’ online feedback form now also available in Spanish!

CIVICUS launched a feedback and complaints mechanism and online form in June 2018, part of our efforts to systematically close our feedback loops and learn from CIVICUS constituents and partners to improve the quality and impact of our work together. First lessons learnt from this process were shared with the CIVICUS Board in December 2018. As of April 2019, we now also have a Spanish version of this online form and invite our Spanish-speaking constituents to share their suggestions, concerns or complaints with the CIVICUS Secretariat!