CIVICUS Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022

About The Strategic Plan

CIVICUS’ Strategic Plan 2017-2022 sets the strategic direction for the secretariat and alliance. It articulates who we are, what we strive to achieve, how we work and how we define our success.

It is informed by conversations with thousands of CIVICUS members and partners across the world.





Who We Are

Our Vision

A worldwide community of informed, inspired, committed citizens engaged in confronting the challenges facing humanity.

Our Mission

To strengthen citizen action and civil society throughout the world.

Our Membership

We are a global alliance of more than 4000 civil society organisations and activists in more than 175 countries.

Our Goals

Changes we seek to contribute to include:

  • More people living in societies where civic space is open and fewer people living in societies where civic space is closed.
  • Increased recognition of the importance of civic freedoms across the world, including in national parliaments and intergovernmental institutions.
  • More and better quality participation by people in democratic and governance processes at all levels.
  • Improved legal and regulatory environments for civil society in more countries.

Changes we seek to contribute to include:

  • More CIVICUS members reporting involvement in new and impactful initiatives made up of a diverse range of civil society actors that result in direct action to drive change for a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.
  • More CIVICUS members leading multi-stakeholder initiatives.
  • More civil society actors receiving support for training, collaboration and travel that strengthens their ability to build coalitions and catalyse change.
  • More meaningful opportunities for citizens and civil society, particularly grassroots movements, to come together to participate in and influence global governance institutions and processes.

Changes we seek to contribute to include:

  • More civil society actors testing new tools and approaches that could transform the ways that they work, including the use of citizen-generated data and constituency feedback loops.
  • Southern, smaller and informal civil society formations having better access to resources that support their resilience.
  • Increased number of effective national civil society platforms across the globe.
  • More CIVICUS members having designed and implemented appropriate diversity and inclusion policies and practices.
  • Greater levels of public trust in civil society.
“As we launch our new strategic plan, we are fortunate to find ourselves in a position of strength at CIVICUS. With a stable financial base, a committed and diverse board, a broad and growing membership and a talented secretariat team, we are poised to be bold and brave.”

How We Make A Difference


We build solidarity among civil society across borders and at scale.


We amplify voices of those not usually included.


We support civil society to connect with others.


We promote the resourcing of a diverse and resilient civil society.


We produce timely and world-class knowledge and analysis.


We innovate and incubate bold initiatives.


We advocate for open spaces and systemic change.

Civil Society Best Practice

We promote, model and disseminate civil society best practice.

“This is a time of big global challenges for civil society and the world, but I know that our members and partners have some big responses. Our job over the next five years is to connect, amplify and scale these responses and, in doing so, strengthen the contribution of citizen action and civil society to realising a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.”
Download a copy of the CIVICUS Strategic Plan 2017- 2022 below:


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