Know Your Rights: Protest guidebook & phonebook


Do you know your rights when it comes to Peaceful Assembly?

Produced by CIVICUS and VUKA!, the Know Your Rights guide answers over 20 common questions on which activities related to peaceful protests are protected under international law. It covers important issues such as legal policing practices, accountability mechanisms for violations, as well as practical information on equipment and location considerations for peaceful assemblies. This FAQ guide is based on the United Nations General Comment #3, which details the responsibilities of states in upholding the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

This guide is available in four languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic 

VUKA Protest supportPhonebookDo you know who to reach out to in case you need support?

This Vuka! Protest Support Phonebook is a support directory for protestors. In the Phonebook, protesters (and their allies) can find various types of support from nearly 30 international and regional civil society organisations to protect themselves and elevate the impact of their protests, including:


  • Urgent support for protesters (e.g. legal aid, medical aid, trauma healing, relocation, family support, etc) 
  • Urgent support for journalists covering protests (e.g. legal aid, medical aid, trauma healing, relocation, family support, etc) 
  • Amplifying your movement's messaging through global campaigns networks Strategic litigation support 
  • Digital and physical security support 
  • Human rights monitoring, reporting, and outreach to the United Nations and other international governance forums 
  • Funding, training, and strategizing for creative actions, campaigning, and frontline protesting