Nicaragua: Growing human rights violations require UN scrutiny to continue

UN Human Rights Council – Intersessional Activity

Interactive Dialogue on the interim oral update by the High Commissioner on the human rights situation in Nicaragua

Delivered by Amaru Ruiz Aleman, Asociación Red Local

I make this statement on behalf of the Asociación Red Local, a member of the Nicaraguan Platform of NGO Networks.

We express our concern about the situation of the more than 240 political prisoners who are being held in degrading conditions and receive cruel treatment in various prisons in the country.

In the recent municipal elections, the Ortega government secured control of the 153 municipalities of the country in an arbitrary and non-transparent manner, thus restricting the civil and political rights of Nicaraguan citizens.

Due to the various human rights violations, more than 150,000 Nicaraguans are living in exile without being able to return to Nicaragua and more than 3206 civil society organisations and 55 media outlets have been shut down in a concerted effort by the Nicaraguan government to eliminate all dissenting voices.

We call on the members of the Council to support and strengthen the resolution on Nicaragua at the March 2023 Human Rights Council session to give continuity to the efforts of the Group of Experts and to the monitoring mandate of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, paying special attention to the restrictions of civic space, the conditions of political prisoners and the situation of forcibly displaced families.

Freedom for all political prisoners in Nicaragua!

 Civic space in Nicaragua is rated as "Closed" by the CIVICUS Monitor