Joint civil society statement on Swaziland at the Human Rights Council

33rd session of the Human Rights Council

We are concerned that even though the Swaziland government has committed to consider 72 recommendations, there has been no consultation with civil society on the recommendations. We continue to witness violations (e.g. the right to freedom of association, expression and assembly) 

We are concerned that the Government still refuses to be transparent and accountable. We call on the the Swaziland Government to implement the reccomendations from their universal periodic review, with an emphasis on allowing the full participation of political parties; the immediate enactment of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill of 2015, to permit Swaziland citizenship to be passed on by women to their children and their spouses; and the decriminalization of same sex relations. Also, it is important to ensure the full implementation of the Children Protection and Welfare Act of 2012, the provision of quality education, job creation and income generating opportunities for the 73% of unemployed youth. 

It also needs to be noted that justice delayed is justice denied. These recommendations should have a set time frame from our Government. Thus it becomes important in the spirit of the UN Agenda 2030 and the AU Vision 2063 that while the government ensures the implementation of these recommendations, they must also involve civil society in the process.

Submitting Civil Society Organizations

1.    Council of Churches- COC
2.    Constitutional Assembly- CA
3.    Centre for Justice and Peace-CCJP
4.    Swaziland United Democratic Front- SUDF
5.    Ngwane National Liberation Council- NNLC
6.    Peoples United Democratic Front- PUDEMO
7.    Sive Siyinqaba.
8.    Foundation for Socio Economic Justice.-FSEJ
9.    Swaziland National Association of Teachers-SNAT
10.    Church Forum-CF
11.    Swaziland Concerned Church Leaders- SCCL
12.    Women in Law Swaziland-WILSA
13.    Rock of Hope-ROH
14.    Swaziland Action Against Abuse- SWAGAA
15.    Swaziland Rural Women Assembly
16.    NATICC
17.    Luvatsi
18.    Council of Churches Youth.
19.    YACO
20.    Church Forum 
21.    Swaziland National Union of Students.
22.    Arterial Network Swaziland, 
23.    Swaziland Economic Justice Network