We Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine!

As the conflict in Ukraine rages on, the Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA) and CIVICUS have prepared this solidarity statement for CIVICUS members and civil society in Ukraine in which we highlight the actions that have been undertaken by civil society and others in response to the conflict.  The statement condemns Russia’s aggression and informs CIVICUS members and civil society in Ukraine that we stand in solidarity with them during these difficult times and are doing our utmost to mobilise different responses using the networks we are all part of.  

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We, the undersigned civil society organisations, are thinking of you, dear colleagues, and stand in solidarity with you and the people of Ukraine during these trying times. Like the rest of the world, we watched in horror as Russia began attacking Ukraine in the early hours of 24 February and continues to do so. We condemn this act of aggression in the strongest possible terms as it constitutes a crime under international law and threatens the international order. 

On 24 February 2022, in response to the attacks on Ukraine, CIVICUS  released a statement in which it called on the international community to condemn Russia’s aggression and insist on respect for international norms in the strongest terms. In the statement, CIVICUS  called for targeted sanctions on President Vladimir Putin and his close associates. We are starting to see a response from the EU, US, UK, Swiss, Canada, Japan and some sporting bodies implementing sanctions against Russia. Some close associates of President Putin have also been targeted with sanctions. We have seen countries like Switzerland apply sanctions on Russia in an unprecedented move. We hope to see more targeted responses from these countries and others.  We have also called on European Union countries to accept and respect the rights of refugees who may be forced to flee from Ukraine in the coming days and months. They must respond with empathy and compassion.

We are keenly following events at the United Nations Human Rights Council; some of our organisations will be making statements during the urgent debate on Ukraine and engaging with the resolution on Ukraine in the coming days. As you may be aware, Russia’s actions have demonstrated its disrespect for diplomacy as the attacks on Ukraine were ordered even as the UN Security Council was holding an emergency session. The Security Council has now passed a procedural resolution that Russia cannot veto, and the General Assembly passed a Resolution on 28 February. Together with other civil society groups, we are calling for the creation of an investigative and accountability mechanism to document human rights violations, the protection of journalists and activists and calling for Russia to be suspended from the UNHRC.

We are also mobilising civil society at different levels to ascertain their capacity to provide support to you and colleagues in Ukraine. We are also monitoring developments on human rights and the protection of journalists, activists like yourselves and others who may be targeted by Russian forces for the work they do. 

We have created several groups to coordinate responses to assist civil society using the limited human capacity and other resources we have. We continue to advocate with regional and international human rights institutions and mechanisms. If you have updates or need to reach us, kindly contact us at CIVICUS campaigns.

You are not alone.

#StandWithUkraine #SlavaUkraini

In Solidarity, 

  1. Asia Development Alliance ( ADA)
  2. Balkan Civil Society Development Network
  3. CEHRO - Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organisations
  4. Civil Society in Development (CISU), Denmark 
  5. Concertation Nationale de la Société civile du Togo (CNSC Togo)
  6. Concertation Nationale de la société Civile du Togo (CNSC Togo)
  7. Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC)
  8. Federación de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales para el Desarrollo de Honduras FOPRIDEH
  9. Fiji Council of Social Services (FCOSS)
  10. Finnish Development NGOs Fingo (Finland)
  11. Iniciativa Regional Rendir Cuentas
  12. Instituto de Comunicación y Desarrollo (ICD) Uruguay
  13. Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy - Redlad
  14. Liga de ONGs em Moçambique 
  15. National NGO Coalition in Lithuania 
  16. Network of Estonian Non-profit Organizations
  17. Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO)
  18. Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (PIANGO)
  19. Pakistan Development Alliance
  20. Partos (Netherlands)
  21. Red Argentina para la Cooperación Internacional (RACI)
  22. SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health
  23. The Wheel (Ireland)
  24. Uganda National NGO Forum