The Civil Society Index was implemented in New Zealand from 2000 to 2001 by the ANGOA – Association of NGOs in Aotearoa, with support of the New Zealand Social and Civic Policy Institute for the research, and the international coordination of CIVICUS. This implementation led to a report presenting the results of the CSI initiative in the country.

CSI Country Report in New Zealand 2001

The preliminary study for the period used a slightly different definition of civil society. This is because in New Zealand, the word ‘Civil Society’ is not commonly used and as a result, the study defined civil society organisations in New Zealand as a voluntary association where people advance their concerns and interests.

The study focused on the health and nature of collective action in New Zealand. The results suggest, among others, a lack in community based research capacity, the need for the education of public officials regarding civil societies and the education of civil society organizations regarding public policy-making. The study demonstrates how issues of values and impact within civil society are connected to the structure and space and helps clarify the complexities that are inherent in civil society.

CSI Country Report in New Zealand