Some of the main recommendations from the Policy Brief, which is addressed to Albanian civil society, government, as well as international donors, are the following:

  • In order to increase citizen engagement and participation in civil society activities, the Policy Brief recommends that CSOs must rely on and engage citizens as stakeholders more actively rather than perceiving citizens only as beneficiaries.
  • CSO accountability and good governance continues to be one of the main challenges of Albanian CSOs. It is thus recommended that the state put in place improved legislation to give CSOs incentives to be more accountable for their actions. Further, a donor coordination forum is suggested in order to overcome some of the concerns and challenges.
  • In order to improve CSOs’ impact on policies and other processes in society, the Policy Brief recommends, amongst other, a long-term strategy to be put in place to improve CSO, state and interest-group relations. Also, actions to improve civil society’s public image need to be implemented.

CSI Country Reports in Albania