From 2003 to 2006, the Civil Society Index was implemented in Azerbaijan by the International Center for Social Research (ICSR), with the international coordination of CIVICUS. This implementation led to the publication of an analytical country report, presenting the results of the CSI initiative in the country.

Civil Society in Azerbaijan: Challenges and Opportunities in Transition

Over that period, the CSI diamond for Azerbaijan reveals a fairly balanced yet weak civil society. However, the increase in the number of CSOs and the level of people’s involvement in civic activities demonstrates that Azerbaijani civil society is slowly building social capital. The key challenges are the lack of trust in CSOs and transparency, low levels of civic engagement and poor cross-sector relations with government and the private sector. The findings indicate that CSOs have been ineffective in promoting positive values and public spiritedness as well as influencing public policy. This calls for the creation of civil society strengthening programmes that include cultivating better transparency practices; improving cooperation between the different CSOs actors; enhancing public trust of CSOs; promoting positive values (trust, public spiritedness, tolerance); and creating an enabling legal environment to support stronger civil society and state cooperation.

CSI Country Reports in Azerbaijan

From 2008 to 2010, the Civil Society Index is being implemented jointly by the Civil Society Coalition of Azerbaijani NGOs and the International Center for Social Research (ICSR).