From 2005 to 2006, the Civil Society Index was implemented in Jamaica by the Association of Development Agencies (ADA), with the international coordination of CIVICUS. This implementation led to the publication of an analytical country report, presenting the results of the CSI initiative in the country.

An Assessment of Jamaican Civil Society (2006)

Over that period, the political history of the island has had a bearing on the structure of Jamaican civil society. The score of 1.5 reflects how CSOs continue to have challenges of resources. Despite these hurdles, CSOs operate in an enabling external environment (political, social, economic, cultural and legal) where legal institutions are conducive to civil society activity. The values dimension reflects some positive attributes by CSO activities; specifically in promoting transparency, tolerance and non-violence. The promotion of gender equity within the civil society arena is one of the strong points of Jamaican civil society. The Impact of civil society organizations has been moderate due to challenges emanating from low levels of trust and social capital within the civic space.

CSI Country Reports in Jamaica