A revision of the NGO Act is cited as one of the recommendations in the report in order to accommodate the various types of CSOs in Zambia. It is also suggested that Zambian CSOs should lobby government to institutionalise citizen involvement in the policy making process. Dialogue between state and civil society is needed particularly on issues of governance, participation, human rights and the rule of law.

Zambia Case Studies 2010

The 2008-2010 implementation of the CSI in Zambia led to the publication of case studies for the partner which highlight some of the strengths and weaknesses of civil society in each of the dimensions of the CSI Diamond.

Accountability in Zambia: A Case Study Report on the status of Civil Society Organisations

The case study sought to investigate if there are any accountability mechanisms, how they are employed to enhance accountability among CSOs in Zambia, and what improvements are necessary to increase the practice of values. The study found that the accountability process in Zambia have inbuilt weakness as there more inclined to saving the interest of the most influential and powerful interest groups such as donors. The study therefore concludes that there is need to look beyond technical managerial accountability mechanisms and focus more on enhancing participatory accountability processes with emphasis on empowering the beneficiaries.

Sectoral and Regional Distribution of Civil Society in Zambia: Case Study Report

This case study attempts to identify the sectoral and regional distribution of civil society in Zambia. This study is therefore of importance, in the sense that it shows the different CSOs in Zambia and how they are distributed between sectors and regions. The study found that there is need for Apex NGOs (umbrella NGOs), and ZCSD in particular, to come up with a programme to promote and encourage the vibrancy and migration of CSOs to regions outside line of the railways. Furthermore, this programme should also encourage the building of linkages between CSOs in regions alongside the railway line, with those outside of the railways. This would ensure effective and broad-based CSO collaboration and coordination.

CSI Country Reports in Zambia