CIVICUS Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit

CIVICUS is currently embarking on its own Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) journey. We are taking the opportunity to create this toolkit as we go, so that we can share our M&E tools, approaches and examples that we use on our various projects and to hear from you if/how you have made use of these in your contexts. We also would like to share your tools, approaches and examples on this platform too!

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The Five Whys

The Five Whys is a simple question asking technique that explores the cause-and-effect relationships underlying problems.

Rubric Matrix

Use the Rubric when assessing the stages of progress of a portfolio of projects against a set of outcome categories.

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Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is methodology to measure, analyse and act on stakeholder satisfaction level.

M&E Capacity Checklist

Check the stage and capacity of your project to implement a suitable M&E approach


1. Plan

How do we choose the most suitable M&E tools and approaches based on the initiative purpose, capacity and plans?

2. Design

What does the project intend to change and what will be measured by the M&E tools you choose to use?

3. Measure

What tools and indicators can be used to measure what has changed and how it has changed?

4. Implement

What tools and processes are needed in order to regularly measure the change and adapt?

5. Report & Reflect

What changes are most relevant and lessons can be learnt and documented? What are the drivers of the change or lack thereof?

6. Communicate

What key messages are important to share with stakeholder?

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