Youth Ambassador Programme

The CIVICUS Youth Ambassador Programme is one of the most innovative programmes of CIVICUS Youth, aiming to create a global community of exchange and learning between activists from all over the world, to bring about powerful transformation in the world. It is an international and diverse group of support, action, peer learning, and collective leadership, which exists to globally raise awareness about national youth movements as well as to co-create, and connect practices and decisions related to meaningful youth engagement in civil society from a local to a global level.

CIVICUS is seeking 1 young inspiring changemaker from each country to form the first-ever Youth Ambassadors community, creating a global community of +150 activists ready to instill social change. As a YAP member, you will be volunteering for a global network that is trailblazing the field of youth engagement in civil society and improve your skillset in social transformation, community building, and intercultural communication. Empowered by your experience and strengthened in your capacity to implement cooperative action globally, you can take your activism to the next level.

Selected youth advocates will receive networking opportunities, leadership development support, and access to a global network of highly accomplished young changemakers.

The CIVICUS Youth Action Team has selected the first cohort of CIVICUS Youth Ambassadors! We are very excited to start working with you to build a global community of exchange and learning between young activists from all regions of the world.

The Youth Ambassadors Program is composed of ten men, eight women, and one member who did not identify as female or male. Nine are aged under 25, and ten are aged 26–30. Eleven come from Africa, two from Asia, and five from Latin America. One of the members comes from the Pacific.


They are:

  • Ballo - Cameroon
  • Reinaldo  - Chile
  • Ekiama - Congo Brazzaville
  • Abdul - Fiji
  • Betty  - Ghana
  • Helder  - Honduras
  • Steasy  - Kenya
  • Junior - Liberia
  • Niane - Mali
  • Alejandra  - Mexico
  • Zainab - Morocco
  • David  - Nigeria
  • Sabir - Pakistan
  • Banesa - Perú
  • Ursul - Central African Republic
  • Umu  - Sierra Leone
  • Nathasha  - Sri Lanka
  • Egwelu  - Uganda
  • Vasu - United States of America

These amazing 19 ambassadors were selected from a pool of applications of over 250 candidates from 50 countries, thanks to their strong networks and engagement at the local level.



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