Membership Advisory Group

The Member Advisory Group (MAG) is a dynamic team of leaders who form the decision-making body for the CIVICUS Solidarity Fund. The MAG has the special task of reviewing CSF applications, selecting the grantees and making important decisions about funding and applicant support. In addition, the MAG mentors successful grantees as they develop and execute their projects. This exemplary team is composed of CIVICUS members from around the globe. A big thank you to the MAG for your exceptional work!


Rachida El Rhdioui

Rachida El Rhdioui is a global citizen, a young professional, and social activist with more than 4 years of experience in civil society, youth engagement, social entrepreneurship, SDGs, peace, and human rights, and policy. Her mission is to engage, mobilize, and impact youth and women in becoming active citizens in their communities. As an impact-oriented person, Rachida translates her passion by founding Young Professionals in Global Affairs, which empowers young people in the international affairs industry. Rachida is also the project manager at She Starts Africa, a social enterprise that acts as an enabler for women in leadership, to advance young women in becoming leaders and entrepreneurs. Rachida is engaging with multiple national and international organizations and partners including the North African Policy Initiative, The International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth, and CIVICUS. Recently, Rachida has been appointed as a young peacebuilder by UN Women Arab States and Peace ambassador by Global Peace Chain. Upon joining MAG, Rachida is eager to support and mentor individuals who create a lasting impact in their countries.


Josine Umuhoza

I am Josine Umuhoza, a feminist activist and a tour guide consultant based in Rwanda, founder and Executive Director of Health and Equal Rights (H.E.R.O.) since 2018, youth leader of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries (TFAM) Rwanda. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Management (TTM) and am currently undertaking a Master program in Gender studies at the University of Rwanda.  I have over a 10 years’ experience working with different vulnerable and marginalized groups with expertise in advocacy, feminist leadership, youth development, gender, and public health education.  At a regional level I advocate for equality and inclusion for vulnerable persons, a world in which women voices are recognized, heard and equity & equality achieved for all. I also volunteered in conducting interviews for participatory grant-making panel under the program of the Free to be me and Power of Pride supported by HIVOS and COC Netherlands, the responsibilities of I and my team were to conduct interviews, making decisions and assessment. I was on the taskforce team that was in charge of conducting baseline survey, where we did data collection, and compiling of the national report.


Hafsah Muheed

An intersectional feminist & human rights advocate, development & sustainability practitioner with over 7 years of grassroots experience on gender, wellbeing, climate change and human rights. Presently I work in social sustainability in apparel manufacturing in the private sector where I manage the pillars of Diversity & inclusion with a focus on persons with disabilities, Women’s empowerment & advocacy, Climate change & Sustainable Development and Health wellbeing. I currently serve on the Board of ‘Sri Lanka Unites which is a grassroots youth movement in Sri Lanka working on peacebuilding and reconciliation. I also serve as the Secretary for the Adolescent & Youth Constituency, member of Global Steering Committee - Operationalizing Meaningful Adolescents & Youth Engagement of PMNCH. I am also founder of Amplifying Impact a youth led feminist organization which works via informal structures to ensure safety of the vulnerable populations we work with in the communities, and a representative of the Youth Advocacy Network Sri Lanka a youth led organization working towards realizing sexual and reproductive health rights of Sri Lankans at SYAN, a regional health network focusing on adolescent and youth health, on behalf of Sri Lanka. I am humbled to be recognized as a Women Deliver Young Leader Class of 2020 & WEDU Global Rising Star. I was able to represent Sri Lanka as a youth delegate at Youth of United Nations General Assembly (YOUNGA) 2020 organized by ‘Bridging the Gap’. I co-lead the thematic area of ‘Good Health and Well-being’ in organizing, hosting youth consultations globally and drafting the recommendations to be presented to the UN General Assembly.


Hamisi Dzole

Hamisi is a Social Scientist who majored in Anthropology from the Moi University Kenya. For the past 9 years, he has been working with government and non-governmental organization to formulate and implement programmes and projects aimed to improve the quality of lives of grassroots and disadvantaged community members in Kenya. Currently Hamisi is working with the National Gender and Equality Commission, an Independent Constitutional Commission in Kenya mandated to mainstream and provide oversight role in both public and private institutions on issues of Gender equality, Inclusion and Non-discrimination of Special Interest groups comprised of Children, Women, Youth, Persons with disabilities (PWDs), the Elderly, Minority and Marginalized populations.

Hamisi is also a Founder and Chairperson of Toto Centre Initiative, a Community Organization established to address social and cultural beliefs and practices that affect the education of Girls and Boys in Lamu County, Kenya. Since inception and registration in May 2019, the organization has applied the whole school approach model to retain in school over 300 Adolescent Girls in Lamu County, Kenya. Currently the organization has three main programmes i.e., Child Protection and Safeguarding; Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR); and Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.


Bhekumusa Moyo

Bhekumusa Moyo is a staunch Social-Pan-Africanist youth leader from Zambia/Zimbabwe. Moyo is currently the Regional Creative Director for Word Smash Poetry Movement and Programs Manager for Latu Human Rights Foundation. Moyo is former Training Officer at Global Platform Zambia, a regional training hub for empowerment and activism covering the SADC Region. Moyo is a revered poet and protest artist who has used art to interrogate ills happening in Africa. Moyo is a published poet for his political collection titled: The gourd of dishonor (2012), 1983-Years Before and After (Theatre 2011), Before the next election (Play 2012) and Emnyameni (Ndebele Poetry Collection 2013). Bhekumusa loves sitting in a corner of bar during weekends watching soccer as discussions on African Politics and how youths should safeguard the present for a better tomorrow emerge. Moyo holds a bachelor’s in media and Communication, a certificate in Election Management and a master’s in project management. All said, Bhekumusa identifies as a villager and has a passion for farming.


Efrain Castillero Gonzalez

I am the founder and President of the Kalu Ibaky Foundation, a non-profit organization that means: Supreme Council of Wisdom and Indigenous Knowledge of the Ancestral Territory Tule de Daggarguna, Province of Darien, Republic of Panama, to provide indigenous and rural communities with the technical and professional services they require for the development of their activities, and for the solution of specific problems. Trained and educated at the National Indigenous Institute in the Republic of Mexico in planning for programs for sustainable regional development. He is one of the scholars of Guna indigenous thought, culture, worldview and ancestral knowledge and of Latin American thought.


Jonitta Potsane

Jonitta is a Namibian Citizen. I carry a background of five years of global human rights activism. My recent portfolio cover responding to human rights conflicts across the African continent, especially those targeting minorities at risk: LGBTI People, Youth, Children and Women of all colours. Being proud out trans women has taught me how  to walk in the footsteps of heroes and those  who have been the  influencers of change. Coming from this vulnerable community has encouraged me to be an agent of change, through developing a network of human rights, media and advocacy that aims to promote peace, justice, equality and strengthen the collaborative movement building of all LGBTI across Africa. With a vast experience in LGBTI human rights space working on multi LGBTI projects has awakened my critical thinking to the level of observing that there have been a lot of activities done that focus on LGBTI rights in Africa with limited LGBTI presence. Drawing from my 5 years experience working on various LGBTI projects it has become the motivating evidence that more doors are open for LGBTI Youth critical thinkers to take action. Living in a country were homosexuality is still criminalized it is a serious concern to the LGBTI rights holder who continuously face daily discrimination and homophobia attacks. Therefore being a human rights activist in Africa being a MAG is an opportunity for more collaborative, networking with other human rights activists across the Globe.


June Parris

June Parris is from Barbados. Former Nurse in General, Psychiatric and Primary Care. Specialised in Research, Pharmacovigilance Science. She has experience with projects and start-ups and working from home on Research projects and lone working. June has experience working in Germany, UK, Scotland, Barbados. She has a Bsc in Sociology and Msc in Health Services Management and Policy (Economics). She is a Member of Internet Society, DIPLO and is a former MAG UN now acting as an observer. June has experience in MAG groups especially on fundraising, outreach and engagement. Member of Internet Rights and Principles, active on Environmental topics and workshops. Member of Barbados Civil Society, Member of ICANN and ARIN. She is hoping to bring some valuable contributions to the MAG!


Leopoldino Jeronimo

Leopoldino Jeronimo is experienced in development cooperation, mainly as a communications specialist, program advisor, and management consultant, especially in Southern Africa.  Currently based in the US, holding two degrees, a master's in Sustainable International Development & a Master's in Conflict Resolution and co-existence at Brandeis University, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Leopoldino also runs an independent project, Ubuntulist, through which he researches and hosts the podcast Thinking Through with LJ to discuss with subject matter experts, and advocates of change, focusing on issues affecting people’s lives locally and globally, such as the Power Dynamics in development and humanitarian programs and the intricacies of colonial legacies in the global north-south relations. His research interests include understanding underlining policy advocacy, nations' sovereignty, and political economy as it relates to the impacts on people’s lives.


Karol Arámbula

Karol Alejandra Arámbula Carrillo is Executive & Founder of MY World Mexico. Originally from Jalisco, Mexico she is a professional in International Affairs with substantial experience and expertise in Sustainable Development; International Human Rights Law; Peace, Governance and Democratic Processes; International Organizations; International Development Cooperation, Public Policy; Non-Profit Management and Youth Advocacy. She has worked in numerous projects and programs with the United Nations and other stakeholders in +12 countries. Represented intergovernmental entities and civil society in +150 United Nations processes. More than +8 years expertise in the design and implementation mechanisms of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. She is also an experienced public speaker for +10 years. Field experience in conflict and post-conflict zones, as well as +15 years of volunteering experience.



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