Member Advisory Group


The Membership Advisory Group nominations are now open! The MAG is a team of dynamic leaders who form the decision-making body of the CIVICUS Solidarity Fund (CSF), a member-led and member-resourced granting mechanism. 

If you are a CIVICUS Voting Member or started the process while the nominations are open and are interested in this extraordinary opportunity please apply by 30 November 2020 by filling this nomination form. For more information on the nomination process, please click here.

The Member Advisory Group (MAG) is a dynamic team of leaders who form the decision-making body for the CIVICUS Solidarity Fund. The MAG has the special task of reviewing CSF applications, selecting the grantees and making important decisions about funding and applicant support. In addition, the MAG mentors successful grantees as they develop and execute their projects. This exemplary team is composed of CIVICUS members from around the globe. A big thank you to the current MAG for your exceptional work!


Alix Mains

As a sustainable development consultant, my professional experience spans across 6 countries and has involved working with grassroots organisations as well as international NGOs and corporate foundations. I have worked on projects related to education, health, as well as access to drinking water and sanitation, with field work in Bolivia, India, and Colombia. I have a Masters degree in Sustainable Development Practice from UC Berkeley as well as a Bachelors degree in International Development from McGill University. This diverse experience has shown me that the work of civil society organizations is crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and I look forward to supporting grassroots initiatives as a member of the Membership Advisory Group.

Victoria Wisniewski Otero

I am the Founder & CEO of a non-profit called Resolve Foundation, which serves to empower future community leaders for a more inclusive Hong Kong, one of the mo unequal cities in the world. Previously I worked at Justice Centre Hong Kong as Advocacy and Campaigns Manager, as a Researcher at the Center for Economic and Social Rights in Madrid and as a consultant for UN HABITAT in Kuwait. I have a Masters in International Relations from The Graduate Institute Geneva and a Bachelors with a political science and economics double major from the University of Maryland College Park. I joined MAG because I believe that now more than ever in my lifetime, we need nimble and new ways of defending civic space and fostering solidarity across movements and borders. Through MAG, I've been inspired by the creative solutions everyday heroes in different places around the world are coming up with to promote more just, free and equal societies.

Moshin Wazir

As a mid-career development aid and policy expert, I work on technological disruption, human rights, youth leadership, and socio-economic development. I led various multimillion programs with government, academia, non-for profits and civil society actors across South/East Asia and Africa. As member advisory group (MAG), I am passionate to support CIVICUS mission, particularly accelerating its efforts to protect and secure critical human rights, promote inclusive and sustainable development, enhance and foster its partners/grantees capacity to design and implement grant projects efficiently in the global south.

Ana Addobbati

Founder of Women Friendly (, Brazilian startup that promotes education and certification for companies that want to prevent sexual harassment and create safer spaces for women. Executive director of Social Good Brasil, NGO that promotes the use of technology and data for social impact. Being part of MAG is a chance of making use the skills I have acquired as an executive in the corporate world around the globe and lately as a social entrerpreurner. In Both roles, I saw how much diversity and equality are a key for making any project or organisation more powerful.

Maggie Musonda

Maggie Musonda is an experienced Development Analyst with 9 years in the development sector. She is an advocate of gender equality, disability rights, social and economic justice for the youth and women, environmental action and sustainability and Diversity and Inclusion in all setting. Maggie has a demonstrated history of working in the Development Sector both for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), International NGOs and Social Enterprises. Skilled in management, youth programming and management, resource mobilization, public management, organizational capacity building, development and training , delivery, strategic human recourse management, public policy, advocacy, project management, research and development and Monitoring and Evaluation among others. Maggie holds a Masters Degree in Peace,Leadership and Conflict Resolution, a degree in Development Studies and Public Administration, as well certificates in capacity building, public management and diplomacy, protocol and international relations among others.

Runcie C.W. Chidebe

Runcie serves as the Executive Director of Project PINK BLUE. He is a cancer control advocate, researcher and a psychologist. He is one of the leading voices advocating for Nigeria to make cancer control a national health priority. He is engaged in health advocacy, community awareness, patient navigation and global health equity. Runcie has become a leading cancer advocate in Nigeria, reaching millions of people with life-saving information, hosted trainings for 185 doctors/nurses in oncology care, 707 volunteers engaged and have implemented over 50 life-saving projects in the past 5years.

Ismail Abu Arafeh

Ismail Abu Arafeh is a mid-career Palestinian professional, born and raised in East Jerusalem. He assumed the position of “Economic Justice Programme Coordinator” at Oxfam, working with civil society partners to improve market functioning for small scale farmers. As part of a British Council Consortium, he led the Tajaawob programme which explored with innovative tools and mechanisms for social accountability. He also worked with Global Communities leading on the civic engagement component. Ismail is actively involved in a number of organizations and initiatives that promote social entrepreneurship. Ismail has an MA in History and Cultural Studies from Freie Universität Berlin and a BA in International Studies from University of Denver, CO.

Ekenia T. Chifamba

Ekenia is a girls rights activist,Anti-Domestic Violence Council of Zimbabwe Member, Spot Light Initiative Civil Society Reference Group member, Civicus Alliance Membership Advisory Group Member, Motivational speaker, World`s Children`s Prize Foundation Focal Point in Zimbabawe, Fredrica Naumann Fellow, IVLP Fellow, Philanthropist, multi award winner(social entrepreneurship) and also the Founding Director of Shamwari Yemwanasikana (A girls Rights centred organisation). I am thrilled to be part of MAG because I believe that my expertise, passion and knowledge working with women and girls will change the tides in exchanging best practises on gender equality as well as embracing gender mainstreaming. Lastly, I believe that women and girls are the change we want to see in the world if given the platform, opportunities and resources.

Tanya Lallmon

As a lawyer by profession and social activist by passion, Nandini Tanya Lallmon is an all-rounder with many strings to her bow. She leads the anti-discriminatory laws campaign of the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network under the Royal Commonwealth Society. She is also the Head of Publications of Global Peace Chain, Chairperson of the International Youth Council Mauritius Chapter, Country Director of Mauritius for the International Youth Society and Country Coordinator of Mauritius for Youth Advocacy Council. Her awards include the Mauritius National Youth Excellence Award, Promising Indian African Award, Panache Woman of Wonder Award, The International Alliance for Women World of Difference Award, National Youth Awardees Federation of India International Youth Award, India’s Youth Development Board Shining Star Award, Woman of the Year Award and Noble Citizen Award.


Alan Jarandilla Nuñez

Alan is a lawyer and passionate human rights defender from Bolivia. Alan is the Director of Policy and Advocacy of the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning, and is the Founder of Change the System (CTS), a Bolivian youth-led organization working towards sustainable development, human rights and youth participation, from a systemic change perspective. He is a vocal advocate for human rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and meaningful youth engagement in decision-making. He believes that an intersectional and holistic approach to global issues is fundamental for addressing them. He has been following and leading advocacy strategies in different international processes.