Nana Millers

Nana Millers

Country: Uganda
Organisation: Trans Youth Initiative-Uganda

Nana Millers is the Executive Director of the Trans Youth Initiative-Uganda which seeks to advocate for the rights of trans youth women, sex workers, gender non-conforming youth, and intersex youth women in Mbarara, Uganda

The Trans-Youth Initiative-Uganda is an inclusive organisation which centers trans youth women and sex workers. This is reflected in its senior leadership and management with transgender youth sex workers and gender non-conforming sex workers overseeing all programming, decision-making, and management tasks.

Nana’s core advocacy objectives:

  • De-criminalise sex work
  • Advocate for universal health care for transgender individuals
  • Amplify the voices of transgender youth and transgender youth sex workers
  • Oppose human rights violations including coercive programming, testing, and forced rehabilitation
  • Destigmatise sex work
  • Advocate for the economic empowerment and social inclusion of sex workers

Transgender women and sex workers remain vulnerable to human rights abuses in Uganda. Transgender women and transgender youth sex workers in rural areas especially remain one of the most vulnerable groups as they face multiple human rights violations, stigma, and discrimination.

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