Jazz Miranda

Jazz Miranda

Country: El Salvador
Collective: Colectiva Amorales

Colectiva Amorales is a space for feminist organization in El Salvador, created by young female artists in 2008 which arised from the need to create radical spaces within the performing arts, as well as to bring art to spaces of feminist activism in order to generate political advocacy. Collectiva Amorales works through art, seeking to send messages of prevention and reflection for the transformation of patriarchal imaginaries that pervade our culture and extends to the institutional functioning of the state. They work on political incidence and the accompaniment of public denunciations, mediatizing cases to demand structural transformations, as well as working on the formative and informative part of women's rights issues as a form of prevention through the empowerment of rights.

The themes that they specifically address are: the decriminalization of abortion, empowerment of rights, accompaniment of complaints, sexual harassment and gender violence in the university and educational environment, political advocacy at a general and institutional level and the taking of public spaces.

They do this through :

  • artistic presentations, theater, music, performance, festivals, training and information workshops, online campaigns
  • Taking of public spaces
  • Advocacy

Jazz is the co-founder of Colectiva Amorales Teatro. She has been the creator and participant of different performances and artistic actions both in urban spaces and in specifically artistic spaces, works that have sought to reflect, speak and generate aesthetic political content, from the perspectives of intersectionality and women's bodies - territories. She is an actress of different audiovisual and theatrical projects and the author of the book "Poetic Anthology of Salvadoran Post-War Heterodissent 1993 - 2019". More : https://nam12.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcoleccioncisneros.org%2Fes%2Fcontent%2Femanciparse-sin-pedir-permiso-prudencia-ayala&data=01%7C01%7Celisa.novoa%40civicus.org%7C79f67fd06e5f401cb04508d840e81803%7C81fe2b84ab9343029a3fd1d3ca984dab%7C0&sdata=sh3UfaJ46EdWyJU2ixxJbTfrA9%2Bm%2FOAM0G6sNBEaLSY%3D&reserved=0

Quote 1:
"The bodies of women have been battlefields but this must change, no woman should be violated. Forcing a woman to give birth is to violate her right of decision, her right to freedom."

Quote 2:
Ser parte de "Youth Actión Lab" me ha permitido conocer a otras juventudes alrededor del mundo, e inspirarme a través de sus luchas. También me ha permitido fortalecer mis capacidades a partir de formación y de intercambio de experiencias. Creo que este proyecto es una gran oportunidad para las juventudes diversas, que buscamos un cambio para este mundo.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColectivaAmorales/
Website: https://amoralesfeministas.blogspot.com/


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