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Juan is a disability inclusion champion, inclusive public policies advocate, and NGO leader.
Country: Argentina
Movement: Asociación Azul

“I would like the world to be for everyone. I would like a person with a disability to have many options, to be able to decide how to live, with whom to live, and where to work”.

This is the inspiring vision that Juan provides us with. He wants to give others better opportunities than what he had when growing up.

"My disability had a great influence on my life and my family", recalls Juan.

He had a very detailed landscape of thoughts and emotions within, but he had a hard time expressing them to the world.

"I could not speak. My parents were worried because I could not say what I wanted to say’"

Yet, now he is able to clearly articulate the kind of world he would like to live in.

“I encountered a lot of rejection in schools and I couldn't start my education like other children. Let us not forget that if there are no profound changes, if there are no concrete actions, we will continue to be excluded. I want a country where people with disabilities can live their lives with dignity, freedom, and safety”. 

By studying literature and linguistics, Juan also realized that he wants to give a voice to people with disabilities.

"I would like to explore more and more the area of the rights of people with disabilities to an independent life in Argentina, my country of origin".

Through the Asociación Azul, the organization he represents, his team is working to promote the approval of the Personal Assistant law in the province of Buenos Aires, which he considers ‘fundamental support for the independent life of people with disabilities’.

Initiative: Asociación Azul
LinkedIn: Juan

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