Chimwemwe is a Gender Equality activist, Menstrual Hygiene Management Advocate and Business entrepreneur from Malawi.
Country: Malawi
Movement: Citizen Impact Organization

Chim believes that her journey started when she was given a chance to learn more about social justice and human rights.

My path in social work began in 2015 where I worked as a volunteer with the Tovwirane HIV/AIDS Organization in Mzimba, the northern region of Malawi. Here, I gained skills in meeting facilitation, community interaction, and peer education. This newfound knowledge motivated and empowered me to be a change-maker through the approach of social entrepreneurship”. 

She has a strong vision that keeps carrying her forward.

"My dream is to see a generation of more educated, empowered girls and women working and doing businesses for their economic and social empowerment".

She knows this is not an easy task, that is why she thinks of transforming her environment in a systemic way.

"We need more women being enrolled in the tertiary education sector. I believe that 5 years from now the participation of women in higher education will increase and this would lead to cascading effects".

While those are already big goals, she does not want to stop there. 

"I would like to advocate for free sanitary wear in support of girl child education since menstruation is a big limitation accessing schooling".  

By creating the Citizen Impact Organization and being an active member in several organizations, just like the Member of Malawi Girl Guides Association and the Malawi Women Leadership in sports programme, as well as PEPETA women Activist movement, Chimwemwe believes that empowerment can be more tangible through the construction of networks and relationships that are more long-term and not just once-off engagements.

"I believe that building the capacity to have resilient, innovative, and supportive communities is the key to long-term transformation".

Moreover, there are concrete results: the Citizen Impact Organization has distributed 200 menstrual cups and more than 700 reusable sanitary pads to girls in rural areas of northern Malawi since its establishment, thus creating better conditions for girls to be part of the educational system.

LinkedIn: Chimwemwe
Initiative: Citizen Impact Organization

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