Carolina is a social justice warrior, equality advocate, and activist for the rights of the most disadvantaged.
Movement: Red de Apoyo Popular (RAP)

"I was born in a humble family with several siblings. We did not have a TV at home. Having rural roots, my family decided that we go back to the rural area", Carolina mentions.

This transition was a big shock, "
Imagine for a second. I was living in the city, and while I was not full of privileges, we had access to potable water, electricity, schools, and basic infrastructure. This is something we take for granted in urban areas. I was innocently looking around to discover where the bridge was located. To my surprise, there was none".

Carolina’s journey had many other instances that gave her insights into the inequality of her country.

"When I went to school, I realized there were no restrooms, no computers, and no electricity. There was just one teacher for the whole school and booklets. However, that was still not the full picture. Some students needed to walk for two hours, and others to cross a river to get to the classroom. This is not a normal situation, but I got used to it, the country got used to it".

She was angry because this situation kept happening over and over while corrupt politicians were increasing their capital.She returned to the city in pursuit of better opportunities.

"I wanted to study in university but if you are born in a humble background, this is a daunting task. I needed to try several times before getting in. I’m studying currently for my degree in social sciences and this is what aligned me more with my current activism".

Her life story inspired her to change the situation of inequality and that is how the Red de Apoyo Popular (RAP) was born, a movement uniting young people to fight for the rights of rural workers and students from low-income backgrounds.

"The RAP is an avenue to give power to the people, a voice to the voiceless, and highlight that united we can transform the inequality in our societies".

Initiative: Red de Apoyo Popular (RAP) 

*Her name was modified for security purposes

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