CIVICUS Youth connects young activists and spurs youth meaningful inclusion, capacity and innovation in civil society.

Youth in civil society face multiple obstacles to do their work. An overwhelming majority of the funds available for development and activism in the Global South goes to long-established, Northern organisations. More than 69% of youth-led groups operate with budgets of under USD 10,000 per year.

In addition to resourcing challenges, young activists are often seen as less credible than their older peers due to their lack of experience and informal organising.

CIVICUS Youth is a committed and diverse community of over 2,800 members in 149 countries who collaborate, learn from each other and strengthen youth action in civil society. We have three main objectives:
Strengthening the networks and the power of young people to organise, mobilise and take action.
Fostering safe and sustainable youth activism by promoting public dialogues on civic space restrictions and other challenges.
Ensuring civil society is accessible, inclusive and accountable to youth, especially those who are consistently included from decision-making spaces.
The CIVICUS Youth strategy is led by the Youth Action Team

The Youth Action Team

The Youth Action Team is a group of 9 engaged young voting members who shape the agenda of CIVICUS Youth. They champion youth inclusion in the alliance and they ensure that CIVICUS programs are responsive and suitable to young activists’ needs. The Youth Action team is in dialogue with the CIVICUS Board and the Secretariat on strategic matters.

Youth Action Team Page

Are you 30 years old or younger?Join CIVICUS Youth!

CIVICUS Youth is all about collaboration, inspiration, and information-sharing. We work with people who can contribute their individual energies and perspectives, and we want your opinions and big ideas to make civil society stronger. Share your insights on meaningful youth inclusion to the CIVICUS Youth United! Facebook group.

To contribute to the strategic direction of CIVICUS Youth, stay tuned for upcoming calls to join as YAT member.

For further information you can contact the CIVICUS Youth Coordination Team at