Magamba means ‘Heroes’ or ‘Freedom Fighters’ and is working on the cutting edge of arts, digital media, activism and innovation.

Magamba was born at a time of hyperinflation, disillusionment and political oppression. The network emerged in 2007 and was all about inspiring young people to be part of the change our country desperately needs. And we decided to do that using fun, creative tools that speak to young people in a language they understand: from hip hop to satire, from social media to innovation.

Today Magamba Network is Zimbabwe’s leading creative organisation and we work on the cutting edge of arts, digital media, activism and innovation. Magamba’s award-winning initiatives include Shoko Festival, Zimbabwe’s longest-running festival of urban culture; Moto Republik, Zimbabwe’s first creative hub; the internationally acclaimed Zambezi News satire show, the weekly political news show 

The Week and the pioneering digital media projects Open Parly and The FeedZW.

Magamba has been a pioneer in Zimbabwean youth culture. The network launched the first-ever satire show in the country, Zambezi News, which has gone on to inspire a whole new generation of young satirists and online content creators who use humour to deal with Zimbabwe’s complex political situation. 

The network has opened up space for free expression online through supporting and incubating a myriad of young bloggers and new media startups that speak truth to power. Magamba has also been a pioneer in the hip hop, spoken word and comedy movements in Zimbabwe, building platforms for rebel expression and creating international tours for hot new acts with a message. 

Through launching Moto Republik, Zimbabwe’s first creative hub, Magamba has created a powerful space of collaboration for young creatives that is leading to groundbreaking new projects and inspiring other hubs in the Southern African region.