Fojo Media Institute helps strengthen public access to reliable information 

The world is facing an era of immense environmental, social, and economic challenges, both at a local and global level. These challenges demand a new understanding of the role of journalism in society. Just as independent journalism is an inalienable part of democracy, Fojo sees it as an essential element of an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable society.

Faced with these challenges and opportunities, it is more important than ever to strengthen public access to reliable information. This will require increased collaboration between journalists, media publishers, civil society, researchers, state actors and the business community in both rich and poor countries. Fojo approaches this task as an institution having 50 years’ experience working to strengthen and develop journalism in Sweden and 30 years internationally. During this time, Fojo has trained over 60,000 journalists from more than 100 countries and assisted and supported media organisations and media houses in over 35 countries, often working with local and global civil society organisations.

As an institute based at Linnaeus University, we are part of academia and enjoy academic contacts at universities around the world. Fojo’s ideal position at the intersection of these stakeholders provides us with a potential to manage the challenges that journalism is facing today. Our core values are based on the international human rights system and the values that apply to all public-sector employees in Sweden, as well as the following fundamental principles: the equal worth of all people, sustainability, long-term commitment, partnership, local ownership, a holistic approach, conflict sensitivity, transparency and responsibility, gender equality, inclusion, antiracism, and non-discrimination.