2022 - 2027

CIVICUS’ Strategic Plan 2022-2027 strengthens CIVICUS contribution to defending and expanding civic and democratic space by more actively focussing on contemporary challenges and engaging more effectively with opportunities to strengthen and amplify civil society interventions and outcomes. This includes integrating an explicit focus across the strategy on working with and for groups affected by combined impacts of civic space restrictions and structural forms of discrimination.

Our Objectives

CIVICUS overarching goal is to strengthen civil society and citizen action for expanded civic and democratic space. For this period, we will work centering on five core objectives.

1. Generate timely knowledge and analyses

We will continue to produce and disseminate timely information on threats to civic and democratic space and develop new tools to track civil society action and to make a stronger case for how civic actions challenge inequality and injustice. We will curate data and information on civic and democratic space in compelling ways, anticipate impending restrictions and enhance our focus on actionable recommendations.

Theory of Change

The Theory of Change underpinning our Strategic Plan addresses our assumption that we are stronger when we work together. CIVICUS members and allies act together to design and test sustainable solutions and deliver impact at scale. They learn from each other, adopting relevant models so they become stronger and more effective in their own unique contexts, while also sharing what they learn beyond the alliance to strengthen civil society as a whole.

Download a copy of the CIVICUS Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027 below: