Old problems, invisible problems, new actors: conceiving and mis-conceiving our urban century

GlobalIcon100x100By Sheela Patel
Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres and Shack/Slum Dwellers International
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The Responsibility to Protect: Can we prevent mass atrocities without making the same mistakes?

GlobalIcon100x100By Jaclyn D. Streitfeld-Hall
Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect
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A People’s Internet: Democratising Internet Governance

GlobalIcon100x100By Dixie Hawtin
Global Partners Digital
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Transform global governance to deliver sustainability and climate justice

GlobalIcon100x100By Kumi Naidoo and Daniel Mittler
Greenpeace International
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The fight against UN impunity and immunity in Haiti: the cholera scandal

GlobalIcon100x100By Mario Joseph
Bureau des Avocats Internationaux
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Assessing the accountability of the world’s leading institutions: the One World Trust’s Global Accountability Framework

GlobalIcon100x100By Christina Laybourn
One World Trust
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We came, we saw and we kept watching: how the UN and the League of Arab States failed the people of Syria

GlobalIcon100x100By Ziad Abdel Samad and Joel Ghazi
Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND)
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Good practices for CSO Participation at the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights

GlobalIcon100x100By the Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Network
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How to maintain the independence of a human rights body within an intergovernmental structure: the case of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in the Organization of American States

GlobalIcon100x100By Jefferson Nascimento and Raísa Cetra
Foreign Policy and Human Rights Programme, Conectas Human Rights
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Working to reenergise the Commonwealth

GlobalIcon100x100By Kirsty Welch
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
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Designing equitable economic policies: the case for a G193 rather than a G20

GlobalIcon100x100By Aldo Caliari
Center for Concern
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The great divide: exposing the Davos class behind global economic inequality

GlobalIcon100x100By Nick Buxton
Transnational Institute
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The changing face of the World Bank and civil society’s role in the evolving institution

GlobalIcon100x100By Chad Dobson
Bank Information Center
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Best practices in youth engagement with intergovernmental organisations: a case study from the Rio+20 process

GlobalIcon100x100By Ivana Savić
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Volunteerism, civic engagement and the post-2015 agenda

GlobalIcon100x100By United Nations Volunteers (UNV)
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The Future We Want: understanding the new reality of governance post-Rio+20

GlobalIcon100x100By Jan-Gustav Strandenaes
Stakeholder Forum
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Multi-stakeholder governance seeks to dislodge multilateralism

GlobalIcon100x100By Harris Gleckman
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Influencing Governance from the Outside: Experience from Change.org

GlobalIcon100x100By Paul Hilder
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Bringing citizens to the core: The case for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

GlobalIcon100x100By Andreas Bummel
Committee for a Democratic UN
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The movement to include people with disabilities in a human rights framework

GlobalIcon100x100By Julia Wolhandler
Disability Rights International
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Reversing the curse: the global campaign to follow the money paid by oil and mining industries

GlobalIcon100x100By Gavin Hayman
Global Witness
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