Handling the Media


Many organisations and different civil society groupings are asked to respond to requests for interviews, need to send out press statements or have to handle some type of crisis the media picks upon. It’s important for all of them to be ready and have the capacity handle these situations more effectively, also using the media to their own benefit.

This tool aims to help all these civil society actors better liaise with the media, through sending out clear messages to achieve their goals for more justice nationally, regionally and globally.

What’s in the tool

This tool focuses on CSOs and offers valuable tips for organisations that want to know how to handle the media. It will be especially useful for organisations that want to think through issues to do with relating to the mass media, and for people who do interviews with the media. So people working for such organisations will hopefully benefit, and their organisational work will be strengthened through using this site.

The tool offers pointers to understanding how newsrooms work in the mass media. It looks at issues of power and control, and moves on to offering practical guidelines when doing interviews with newspapers, radio or television journalists. We also look at issuing press statements. 


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