UN Human Rights Council adopts resolution on Myanmar

Resolution on Myanmar adopted at the 46th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

This resolution, adopted by consensus, represents an important step towards achieving accountability and justice in Myanmar

As the violence in Myanmar continues unabated and the military unchecked, and the death toll continues to rise, CIVICUS welcomes a resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council which will step up dedicated human rights monitoring and further accountability for violations.

Since the military coup of 1 February, over 250 people have been unlawfully killed, most during protests with impunity. More than two thousand activists, protesters and politicians have been arbitrarily detained and journalists have been targeted. The military has amended laws to impose restrictions on civic space and imposed internet blackouts. Despite the intimidation and violence by the security forces, the anti-coup protests continue.

The resolution adopted by the Council will ensure that these violations committed by the military following the coup will be scrutinised, and is a crucial step towards perpetrators being held to account. It renews and strengthens the critical mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar to monitor and report on the situation, including specifically since the coup, and to undertake thematic research. It further mandates dedicated monitoring and reporting from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights focusing on accountability, and on rule of law and security sector reform following the coup.

It furthermore calls for an assessment by the High Commissioner of the implementation on recommendations relating to the economic interests of the military. With documented links between business investing in Myanmar or with supply chains in the country and human rights violations, this is an important step towards scrutiny and accountability for companies and home States which do not undertake adequate due diligence measures and which therefore contribute to, or cause, human rights violations.

As the situation spirals further into crisis, we further welcome that the resolution explicitly operationalises the Council’s prevention mandate by calling on the High Commissioner and Special Rapporteur to brief the Council on an ad hoc basis to advise on further steps should the situation continue to deteriorate.

This resolution represents an important step towards achieving accountability and justice in Myanmar, but there remains much that can be done to protect those on the ground and prevent further atrocities. We call on United Nations Security Council and UN member to urgently institute a coordinated, global arms embargo on Myanmar, and we call on all States, especially ASEAN members, to maintain calls on Myanmar to release all individuals arbitrarily detained and to immediately end its use of force against protesters, and to deny recognition of the military junta as the legitimate government representing the people of Myanmar.

Civic space in Myanmar is rated as Repressed by the CIVICUS Monitor



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