New Report - Strengthening Civil Society Engagement with the United Nations

Perspectives from across civil society highlighting areas for action by the UN Secretary-General

Civil society advocates from around the world are urging newly appointed UN Secretary-General António Guterres to be a champion for civil society and to take concrete steps to build a more inclusive UN.

The United Nations Association - UK, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung New York Office, CIVICUS and Avaaz, four of the founding members of the 1 for 7 Billion campaign, have collected a range of proposals from its global network of civil society organisations. 

Challenging Mr Guterres to pursue his pledge to make cooperation with civil society "a key element in solving global problems", the series of articles offers solutions for a fairer, more inclusive UN across a range of processes and programmes.

At the heart of the publication is a common message for António Guterres to build a more inclusive UN.

Strengthening civil society engagement with the UN

Introduction and open letter to Mr Guterres:

Introduction - civil society and the UN

Open letter to Mr Guterres from 1 for 7 Billion

Civil society articles:

A Committed and Determined Ally for the World’s Most Impossible Job
Barbara Adams

Overcoming the Politics of the UN’s NGO Committee
Eleanor Openshaw

Young People Need a Seat at the Table of UN Climate Change Negotiations
Kazi Ateea

Engaging Millennials Crucial to Achieving the UN’s Ambitious Agenda
Noa Gafni Slaney

Inclusiveness Is the Key to Implementing the SDGs
Farooq Ullah

Online & on the Ground: Connecting Those Most in Need with the UN
Aya Chebbi

Civil Society Remains Vital to Success of Arms Control Processes
Robert Perkins

Gender Considerations for the New Secretary-General
Melina Lito

The Role of Civil Society in Enhancing the Peacebuilding Commission
Rachel Madenyika

Persons with Disabilities and the United Nations System
Vladimir Cuk

Historic Civil Society Participation in General Assembly Hearings with UN Secretary-General Candidates
Volker Lehmann

Appointment of UNHCR Chief and Other Senior Roles Could Learn from Recent UNSG Process
Nan Buzard

Supporting Civil Society across the UN System and Beyond
Ben Donaldson

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