Stronger Together: Strengthening the Dynamic Accountability Community of Practice

DACoP July2022The Dynamic Accountability Community of Practice (DACoP) is a joint initiative by Restless Development, CIVICUS, and Accountable Now as the Secretariat of the Global Standard Partnership. Its purpose is to provide a space where a wide range of civil society practitioners can come together to share good practice, deepen knowledge, and build solidarity on the topic.

While there has been positive feedback on the DACoP and its activities, a key challenge remains; that there has been limited interaction from members. An in-depth consultation with current members and wider stakeholders was therefore undertaken to explore options for the future of the DACoP. More specifically, this included how to increase its long-term sustainability and be more member-led, along with an examination of what resourcing this would require.

The consultation has suggested that the DACoP is viable and worthy of our continued time and investment, but only if we can make the changes required to sustainably increase coordination capacity, boost engagement, and deliver more practical outcomes for community members. This summary provides an overview of the consultation process’ findings, along with an initial proposal on the way forward from the current DACoP coordinators.