How Accountable are CIVICUS’ Resourcing Practices?

AccountabilityAccelerator.ThumbnailAt CIVICUS, redistributing funds to our members and partners is a crucial way in which we work towards the alliance's strategic goals. This new mini-series from Resilient Roots is looking inwards, capturing how we are striving to be more accountable in our resourcing, and where we must go further.

Part 1 sets the scene, emphasising the delicate balancing act we must perform in our role as an ‘intermediary’ between institutional donors and civil society actors. Subsequent parts discuss how successfully our resourcing work is informing, listening to, and being directly driven by our members and partners, along with the extent to which it is helping these constituents enhance their own accountability practices.




Part 1: Setting the Scene 

Reviewing our unique resourcing roles and responsibilities through a lens of constituent accountability. 

Part 2: Giving Account

How well are we informing our constituents why we fund, what and who we fund, and how we do it?

Part 3: Taking Account

Are we effectively listening and responding to the needs and experiences of our members and partners around our resourcing programmes?

Part 4: Being Held to Account

To what extent are our constituents able to steer or make direct decisions about the way we fund?

Part 5: Supporting Accountability 

How successfully are we helping the constituents we resource enhance their own accountability practices?