Eswatini: Over 390 orgs call for an investigation into the murder of activist, Thulani Maseko

Representatives of the undermentioned civil society organisations are still reeling with shock over the brutal killing of Eswatini human rights defender, Thulani Maseko. Such attacks and the ongoing violence against  pro-democracy campaigners in Eswatini make the search for peace and full respect for human rights in Eswatini even more urgent.

Civil society organisations around the world are calling on the Eswatini authorities to allow an independent, impartial, and effective investigation into the brutal murder of Thulani Maseko.

The murder of Thulani Maseko, is the latest in a series of tragic events associated with pro-democracy protests in Eswatini and the brutal response of the government to peaceful calls for democratic reforms. They highlight the seriousness of the human rights situation in Eswatini and the magnitude of the work that needs to be done to address it. Thulani Maseko, a well-known human rights lawyer and activist for democracy in the country, was shot dead on Saturday 21 January 2023, in front of his family in his home south of Mbabane. He was killed a few hours after King Mswati warned those calling for democracy that his mercenaries would deal with them, he noted that "People should not shed tears and complain about mercenaries killing them."

It the time of his death, Thulani, headed the Multi-Stakeholder Forum (MSF) of political parties and civil society groups leading the campaign for democracy in the kingdom. The spokesman of the Forum said, "assassins shot him through the window while he was inside (the) house with his family". At the time of his death, as a human rights lawyer, Maseko was representing many human rights defenders and pro-democracy activists in Eswatini.

The activist had reportedly been receiving death threats for more than a year. As a human rights defender, he had been subjected to judicial persecution, threats harassment and detentions. He was convicted for contempt of court on 18 March 2014, along with journalist Bheki Makhubu, after criticising Eswatini's judicial system. Since May 2021, the human rights situation in Eswatini deteriorated and pro-democracy protesters called for democratic reforms. Thousands of Swazis took to the streets to demand basic human rights and good democratic governance, which are a challenge of non-service delivery by the current government. In response to protests, King Mswati III– the last absolute monarch in Africa issued a decree – banning citizens from sending petitions to parliamentarians to demand democratic reforms.  The authorities used excessive force against protesters, detaining them, killing and injuring others, and hijacking and kidnapping activists. As a result, more than 80 people were reported killed, 200 plus injured, and over thousands of others arrested and detained. Currently, two Members of Parliament, Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube, remain in detention for 16 months, without trial, while facing criminal charges under the Suppression of Terrorism Act in relation to the protests.

Eswatini is rated as ‘repressed’ by the CIVICUS Monitor, an online platform that measures the state of civic freedoms in all countries. Information from Eswatini show a continued practice of activists and human rights defenders being harassed, threatened, and intimidated for their real or perceived initiatives and support towards pro-democracy and good governance. Stakeholders remain concerned that citizens involved in political activism are subjected to harassment, reprisals, torture and even killed and that King Mswati, has thwarted calls for reform and suppressed political activism for years.

We strongly urge the Eswatini government to: 

  1. Carry out impartial investigations into the brutal killing of Thulani Maseko and hold all those responsible accountable.
  2. Stop harassing activists and release all journalists and human rights defenders currently detained for their human rights activities.
  3. Create an enabling environment for human rights defenders and all citizens to be able to express, associate, and assemble without fear of intimidation and harassment.
  4. Ensure the safety and security of all Eswatini people, including human rights defenders, journalists and political activists and protect civic space.
  5. Immediately end the persecution of all activists, drop all charges against political prisoners including those awaiting trial or in jail for their perceived role in the May 2021 protests.
  6. Carry out independent investigations into the use of violence against peaceful protesters and prosecute security personnel who have used excessive force against demonstrators.

We call on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU) to:

  1. Use all the existing mechanisms and instruments to engage with King Mswati’s government and all stakeholders to urgently look for sustainable solution to the political crisis and pave way for democratic reforms. 
  2. Demand accountability from Eswatini authorities for the gross violations of human rights, including arbitrary detentions, excessive use of force against protesters, and extra-judicial killings of activists.
  3. Call on the government of Eswatini to respects, protect, and fulfil human rights obligations in accordance with international and regional instruments.

The statement is endorsed by:

  1. 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation- Zimbabwe
  2. Aalem for Orphan and Vulnerable Children, Inc. -Liberia
  3. Abdulkadir Abubakar - Nigeria
  4. AbibiNsroma Foundation- Ghana
  5. Abraham's Children Foundation - Nigeria
  6. AC2M - Cameroon
  7. Acowa Ateker - Uganda
  8. Act for Change DRC- The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  9. Action 54- South Sudan
  10. Action Contre la Pauvreté, ACP- Burundi
  11. Action Solidaire pour la Paix et le Développement Intégré (ASPADI) - The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  12. ACTI-South Sudan-South Sudan
  13. Activista - Zambia
  14. Adigrat university-Ethiopia
  15. Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID)- Sierra Leone
  16. Africa Child Foundation Mission of Tanzania- United Republic of Tanzania
  17. Africa For Good Liberia
  18. Africa Queer Network -Uganda
  19. Africa Youth Transformation - United Republic of Tanzania
  20. African youth in agribusiness- Malawi
  21. Agbekoya parapo farmer and hunter association - Nigeria
  22. Agrovision She Farmers - Uganda
  23. AH_Animal Foundation - Nigeria
  24. AJESH - Cameroon
  26. All for International Development (AFID)-Uganda
  27. Alliance des Défenseurs des Droits Humains et de l'Environnement au tchad-Chad
  28. Alliance for Development and Population Servies-[ADEPS]-Kenya
  29. Alliance For Women, Children and Youth Survivors- United Republic of Tanzania
  30. Allies in Development -Sierra Leone
  31. Alpha Action for Social and Economic Development-AASED - Uganda
  32. Alternative Leadership Group (ALG)- Togo
  33. ALUCHOTO- Burundi
  34. Amani community-based organization - Kenya
  35. Amani Initiative - Uganda
  36. AMI Christian group- Nigeria
  37. Amis des Etrangers au Togo (A.D.E.T.)- Togo
  38. Amnesty International, Restless Development - Nigeria
  39. Amoru AIDS Support Community Initiative (ASCI) - Uganda
  40. Animashaun Azeez - Nigeria
  41. Anonymous Fire -South Africa
  42. Arapai Rural Initiative for Development-Uganda
  43. AREI-Côte d'Ivoire
  44. Art for Sustainable Development Initiative- Nigeria
  45. ASEPA GHANA- Ghana
  46. Asher Munashe Mutandiro - Zimbabwe
  47. Associates -Kenya
  48. Association Action Sociale pour le Bien ETRE ET LE DEVELOPPEMENT - Cameroon
  50. Association Mauritanienne pour la Promotion des droits de l'homme AMPDH - Mauritania
  52. Association SEEPAT- Burkina Faso
  53. AVG News- South Africa
  54. AVID DRC- The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  55. Bambisanani Love and Care - Swaziland
  56. Basajju Community foundation - Uganda
  57. Bashosho Talents Organization - Kenya
  58. BASIF- Senegal
  59. BATHOPELE NGO - South Africa
  60. Bbaale youth development foundation- Uganda
  61. Better Living Initiative for All - Liberia
  62. Better Living Initiative for All -Liberia
  63. Beyond Self Foundation - Nigeria
  64. Biba Transformations LBG - Ghana
  65. Blue Beacon Initiative Africa - Nigeria
  66. Boitumelo Matlala- South Africa
  67. BOJ TV Nigeria -Nigeria
  68. Borno Coalition for Democracy and Progress - Nigeria
  69. Break Margins Africa -Kenya
  70. Burundi Child Rights Coalition- Burundi
  71. Busongora Women's Platform For Justice - Uganda
  72. Cameroon Education For All Network- Cameroon
  73. CAN ZIMBABWE- Zimbabwe
  74. Caribbean Office of Trade & Industrial Development Limited- Trinidad and Tobago
  75. Caroline Thema Foundation - South Africa
  76. Cenadep- The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  77. CENSODEV- Ghana
  78. Center for Rule of Law of Law Rwanda (CERULAR)- Rwanda
  79. Center for Women'Rigths and Leadership- Gambia
  80. Centre de Formation en Mécanismes de Protection des Droits Humains (CFMPDH-ONG)- Benin
  81. Centre for Basic Rights and Accountability Campaign -Nigeria
  82. Centre for Citizens Conserving Environment & Management (CECIC)- Uganda
  83. Centre For Minority Rights & Strategic Litigation - Kenya
  84. Centre for Minority Rights Development - Kenya
  85. Centre for Socio Economic Rights & Development-Swaziland
  86. Change Consultant Group-Ethiopia
  87. Changing Lives Initiative Zambia - Zambia
  88. Children's Resource Centre- South Africa
  89. Chitungwiza Residents Trust- Zimbabwe
  90. CHRDA - Cameroon
  91. CiCi and Associates - South Africa
  92. CIL- Kenya
  93. Civic and Legal Aid Organization - United Republic of Tanzania
  95. Club des Jeunes Visionnaires pour la Paix- The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  96. Coalition des Volontaires pour la Paix et le Développement, CVPD- The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  97. Comité de Dialogue et de Cohabitation Pacifique - Chad
  98. Community Action on Violence Against Children (CAVAC)- Malawi
  99. Community Action Scheme Africa (CASAF)- Cameroon
  100. Community Hands Foundation-United Republic of Tanzania
  101. Community Health Education Sports Initiative Zambia- Zambia
  102. Community Socio-economic Development Initiatives - Rwanda
  103. Community Women Action - South Africa
  104. Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Orgsnizations - Ethiopia
  105. CONSTRUISONS ENSEMBLE LE MONDE- The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  106. Coordinating Assembly of NGOs - Swaziland
  107. CRISIS RESOLVING CENTRE- United Republic of Tanzania
  108. Crisis Resolving Centre- United Republic of Tanzania
  109. CUL DEV- Togo
  110. Daring Diaries- Kenya
  111. DeWise Foundation - Cameroon
  112. Digital Access- Cameroon
  113. Disabled Migrants Rights Networking Organisation -South Africa
  114. Disabled Migrants Rights Networking Organisation-South Africa
  115. Discourage Youths From Poverty- Sierra Leone
  116. Diverse Health Initiative - Nigeria
  118. Dream Empowerment Organization - Sierra Leone
  120. East African Coalition for Human Rights Advocacy- Uganda
  121. ECD MANYARA REGION - United Republic of Tanzania
  122. Educating Girls and Young Women for Development-EGYD- Zambia
  123. Education-For-All Initiative- Nigeria
  124. Emang Basadi Women's Association - Botswana
  125. Engagement Citoyen pour la promotion de la Paix et le Développement (ECPD)-The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  126. Equality Rights Africa Organization-Namibia
  127. Eriola Aromire Initiative - Nigeria
  128. Ethical and Sustainable Future for All - Cameroon
  129. Euphrates Institute Liberia - Liberia
  130. Facilitation for Integrated Community Rural Development - Uganda
  131. Fair Africa- Ethiopia
  132. Faith and Hope Association - Mozambique
  133. Fastlyne Foundation- Uganda
  134. Federal University of Technology Owerri - Nigeria
  135. Fédération des Femmes pour le Développement intégral au congo- The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  136. Federation of Savannah Startups - FORCE KE- Kenya
  137. Feminist centre - Kenya
  138. Feminist Support For Youth Initiative Uganda - Uganda
  139. Femmes Active Contre l'Ignorance et les Violences – FACIV- The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  140. FENPS - Somalia
  141. FOCEI- Nigeria
  142. Foresight Generation Club - Ghana
  143. Forngogab- Nigeria
  144. Foundation for Community Empowerment and Development (FOCODE) - Uganda
  145. Foundation for irrigation and sustainable development -United Republic of Tanzania
  146. Foundation for Justice Development and Peace (FJDP) Katsina-Ala Diocese - Nigeria
  147. Foundation for Socio-Economic Justice - Swaziland
  148. Freedom in Harmony - Uganda
  149. From Heart To My Community Grace Foundation NGO - Zambia
  150. Front Commun pour la Protection de l'Environnement et des Espaces Protégés - The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  152. Gbarnga Youths Initiatives- Liberia
  153. Génération Activistes Capables -Benin
  154. Generation Peace Foundation-South Sudan
  155. Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition - Ghana
  157. Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) -Ghana
  158. GIC AEBIS Groupe d'initiative commune de défense de droits humains - Cameroon
  159. Girls 2 Women advocates- Zambia
  160. Giving Hopes to the Hopeless Organization - Kenya
  161. Giving Hopes to the Hopeless Organization - Kenya
  162. Global Exchange Program International Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe
  163. Global Leadership Initiative for Education, Health and Social Development (GLIEHSD)-Nigeria
  164. Global Peace Chain- Kenya
  165. Global Sharing Co. Ltd -South Sudan
  166. Globalcare Cameroun G2C- Cameroon
  167. Globe Watch Foundation -Cameroon
  168. Grassroot Development Support and Rural Enlightenment Initiative - Nigeria
  169. Grassroots Transitional House,Kenya (GTH-Kenya)- Kenya
  171. Green Institute Trust - Zimbabwe
  172. Habari RDC -The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  173. Halley Movement Coalition- Mauritius
  174. Health and Equal Rights Organization- Romania
  175. Helping Hands International Liberia - Liberia
  176. Her Choice-Sierra Leone
  177. Hibiscus Advisors- Canada
  178. Home For The Needy - Nigeria
  179. Home of hope- South Africa
  180. Homemade Premium Foods and Services -Nigeria
  181. Hope Life International -Gambia
  182. Human Rights - Zambia
  183. Human Rights Institute of South Africa- South Africa
  184. Human Rights Journalists Network Nigeria - Nigeria
  187. Iniskoy For Peace and Development organization-IPDO - Somalia
  188. Initiative for Persons Infected and Affected - Uganda
  190. Institute of Human rights and Civic values (IHRCV)-Kenya
  191. Integrated Youth Development - Zambia
  192. International Development Opportunity Initiative- Ghana
  193. International Youth Summit Sierra Leone- Sierra Leone
  194. ISIZIBA Community Based Organizations of South Africa - South Africa
  195. Jacaranda Development Initiative -Kenya
  196. Jayne Flynn-Sankoh - Sierra Leone
  197. Joseph Ndisile Foundation -South Africa
  198. Justice Development and Peace Commission- Nigeria
  199. Kabale Municipality Development Foundation (KMDF)- Uganda
  200. Kampus Liberty Uganda - Uganda
  201. Kawempe Youth Development Association (KYDA UGANDA)-Uganda
  202. Keeping Alive Societies’ Hope - Kenya
  203. Key Populations Uganda- Uganda
  204. Kgalalelo Education Foundation - South Africa
  205. Kitgum NGO Forum- Uganda
  206. Lambs for Bells - Ghana
  207. Land and Health Association- Benin
  208. Laterite - Uganda
  209. Latter Glory Development Foundation - Nigeria
  210. Leaders for Leaders Champion - Kenya
  211. Legend Organic Vegetables Company Ltd - Ghana
  212. Les Mêmes Droits pour Tous MDT - Guinea
  213. Liberia Sexual Gender Base Violence Movement- Liberia
  214. Libertarian platform - Nigeria
  215. Lifeline Youth Empowerment Center- Uganda
  216. Ligue anti chômage asbl - The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  217. Ligue Nationale des Associations Autochtones Pygmées de la République Démocratique du Congo (LINAPYCO)- The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  218. Liphimbo LaboMake - Swaziland
  219. LITE-Africa-Nigeria
  221. Look Forward Creativity Foundation - South Africa
  222. Madaliso development program -Zambia
  223. Makona River Organization (MRO)- Sierra Leone
  224. MALOONA- Benin
  225. Mariama Saine - Gambia
  226. Master Mind Leadership Foundation (MMLF;NGO)- Zambia
  228. Melitha Development and Restoration Centre -South Africa
  229. Merrylinks- France
  230. Miso- Nigeria
  231. MJA Kampala- Uganda
  232. Montserrado County Youth Peace Committee - Liberia
  233. Morning Star Foundation- Nigeria
  234. Morogoro Saving the Poor Organization (MOSAPORG)- United Republic of Tanzania
  235. Mouvement des Jeunes Artisans de la Paix Et du Civisme (JAPEC) - Togo
  238. Mukono Multipurpose Youth Organisation (MUMYO)-Uganda
  239. Mulapnen Capacity Building Initiative - Nigeria
  240. Musa human rights advocates - Uganda
  241. Nairasha Legal Support - Lesotho
  242. Namuso Community Development organisation- Zambia
  243. National youth peace ambassadors- Nigeria
  244. NEW HOPE GIRLS – NHG - The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  245. Ngoisa - United Republic of Tanzania
  246. Noni Development Foundation- Nigeria
  247. Northern initiative for community empowerment - Uganda
  248. Northern Uganda Effort for the Needy (NUEN)-Uganda
  249. Nothing Without Us Society- Botswana
  250. Nsesa Africa - Ghana
  251. Nyankonton Aid Foundation- Ghana
  252. Oasis World Vision- Uganda
  253. OCTRE- Kenya
  254. Olabisi Adebawo- Nigeria
  255. One More Percent - Kenya
  256. One More Percent - Kenya
  257. ONG SAUVONS L'HUMANITE- Côte d'Ivoire
  258. Organisation des jeunes leaders de Côte d'Ivoire - Côte d'Ivoire
  259. Organisation Géneration de Bons Samaritains-UMUHUZA (OGEBOSA-UMUHUZA) - Rwanda
  260. Ouali Yamindié -Burkina Faso
  261. Pads 4 Education - Kenya
  262. Pads 4 Education - Kenya
  263. Pan - African Peacemakers Alliance (PAPA) - South Sudan
  264. Panos Institute Southern Africa - Zambia
  265. Parlement des Jeunes Leaders de la Société Civile Guinéenne- Guinea
  266. Parliament/Senate-Rwanda
  267. Patient and community welfare Foundation of Malawi - Malawi
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  269. Peace and Comfort Foundation Uganda - Uganda
  270. Peace for all- Ethiopia
  271. Perez Institute for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Management - PILEM - Zambia
  272. Personal Capacity - Zimbabwe
  273. Population, Health and Environment Ethiopia Consortium- Ethiopia
  274. Positive Flames & Campaign Against Alcohol & Drug Abuse Organization of South Africa - South Africa
  275. Positive peace Ethiopia - Ethiopia
  276. Poverty Reduction Forum Trust -Zimbabwe
  277. Rainbow Coswa - The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  278. Rainbow Family Support and Advocacy-Africa (RaFaSA) - Kenya
  279. REPONGAC - The Democratic Republic of The Congo
  280. Research Centre Consult - Uganda
  281. Research Hapa Institute - United Republic of Tanzania
  282. Réseau Burundi 2000 Plus- Burundi
  283. Réseau des Jeunes Leaders et Innovateurs du Tchad - Chad
  284. Réseau des Jeunes pour le Développement Durable- Madagascar
  285. Réseau Nigerien des Défenseurs des Droits Humains - Niger
  286. Réseau paix et sécurité pour les femmes de l'espace CEDEAO REPSFECO - Senegal
  287. Resource Link Foundation - Ghana
  288. Riamiriam Civil society Network- Karamoja -Uganda
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  358. Wave Of Legacy Alliance Initiative Uganda - Uganda
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  394. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights-Zimbabwe
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  396. Zimbabwe Youth For Impaired Persons Trust- Zimbabwe


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