Toolkits & Guides: Impact & Accountability

This toolkit contains a collection of resources and guides to help you better understand the interrelated topics of organisational Impact & Accountability. It provides tips and techniques for improving your policies and practices, using real life examples from a range of CIVICUS projects.

CIVICUS is dedicated to creating useful, relevant materials and distributing them openly. While there is vast content on our website and some of it needs updating, we continue producing knowledge generation tools with the hopes to contribute to civil society efforts.

We rely on your feedback to let us know what is useful and relevant and how can we better support your capacity strengthening needs, so please feel free to contact us at .

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How to Close the Feedback Loop:
A short video explaining this crucial stage of an effective feedback cycle
Turning principles into practice:
A guide to Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability (LTA)
Resilient Roots Case Studies:
Organisations show how to practice constituent accountability and how it links to resilience
Accountability for civil society by civil society:
A Guide to Self-Regulation Initiatives
Constituent Accountability in Practice:
Infographics about how organisations solved challenges with new accountability practices
Measuring Changes in Accountability:
A practical guide to measuring the accountability of your organisation to its primary constituents and staff
Conquering the Feedback Loop:
Ten top tips for mastering each of the five stages of the feedback loop