CIVICUS Global Alliance

Together we are stronger

Our ability to amplify the voices and highlight the struggles for freedom of ordinary people is strengthened by our diversity.

When you become a member of the CIVICUS Alliance, you help build the reach of a global network that extends across more than 175 countries of the world. By your membership, you grow and strengthen our collective potential and power across global regions and across rights-based sectors. 

In this way, you and every other individual and organisational member who engages with the Alliance works together to strengthen and promote civil society’s capacity to connect global and local issues and the actors striving to address them.

Together, our diverse membership forms a global alliance of organisations and activists committed to protecting civic space and empowering people to freely and safely express, organise, and take action to build a more just, equal and sustainable world.

What happens when you become a CIVICUS member?

CIVICUS membership helps create solidarity with like-minded civil society actors committed to advancing active participatory democracy and defending the freedoms of assembly, association and expression (what we call ‘civic space’).

Members also access a range of benefits designed to enhance visibility, networking, and information-sharing to support your work.

Additionally, we try to provide various channels to foster or facilitate opportunities and spaces for deeper engagement between partners and allies working on similar themes or sharing similar challenges. Joining gives you access to a number of thematic, interest-based or regional sub-networks of CIVICUS members.

There are two types of CIVICUS membership: free associate lifetime membership and one-year verified and {modal images/fee-scale.png}paid voting membership*{/modal}