Take Action: Stand up for human rights defenders

This 9th of December 2018 marks exactly twenty years since nations around the world adopted the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders. Twenty years later, human rights defenders continue to face onerous challenges. Add your voice to the campaign calling for the protection of human rights defenders here. Together, we hope to exert pressure on governments, business and multilateral institutions to recognise the work of human rights defenders and create an enabling environment for them to carry out their activities without fear or intimidation.

Under Attack: Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) Around the World

This map profiles 20 HRDs who are currently in jail or facing judicial persecution for promoting human rights. Read more about who they are and support their campaigns. We welcome you to share details of other activists we have not included by emailing us: .

Global Statement

Global Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders

Twenty years after the adoption the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, there are huge gaps in its implementation, with persistent attacks on HRDs and their organisations continuing unabated. In all types of political systems, democratic and otherwise across the world, the settings in which human rights defenders work is becoming more contested and volatile.

Currently signed by over 900 organisations,  this global statement can be  used as an advocacy tool to inform specific governments and business about the current state of human rights defenders.

How you can get involved

CIVICUS is calling for your support and solidarity! Add your voice to the call for governments and businesses to change the current state of human rights defenders

1. Review and Endorse the Global Statement. 

Review and endorse the Global statement. The statement is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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2. Support any of the Human Rights Defenders featured here. 

Click on the map to see the profiles of the Human Rights Defenders you can support and how.

HRDs Map

3. Share this tweet. 

Encourage more organisations to sign-on to the global statement calling on for the protection of human rights defenders.

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