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Together we are stronger

When we join forces in our diversity, we build meaningful momentum to tackle challenges facing humanity. This is what drives CIVICUS.

CIVICUS is a worldwide community of informed, inspiring and committed organisations and individuals working together. CIVICUS connects a diversity of members and partners dedicated to defending civic freedoms and democratic values, strengthening the power of people to organise, mobilise and take action within and across borders, and empowering a more accountable, effective and innovative civil society. Together we are a growing community of over 11,944 members from over 175 countries.

Our overall goal is to strengthen civil society and citizen action for a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.


What happens when you become a CIVICUS member?

As a CIVICUS member you are part of this global alliance that acts together by mobilizing its collective knowledge, skills, expertise, influence and power.

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ membership. Instead, the more you get involved as a member the more you:

  • build expertise and better understand the state of civil society,
  • strengthen your capacity for action through training and networking opportunities
  • increase your influence and expand the right to speak out organise and take actions, and
  • become an agent of change by driving collective action

Visit the Members In Action page to learn about all the ways in which we can work together.

There are two types of CIVICUS membership: voting and associate.

Voting Members

Voting membership is for individuals and organisations who want to commit to collectively set the agenda and priorities for the CIVICUS alliance. Members input into CIVICUS’ Strategic Priorities, nominate and elect the Board of Directors, and play a leadership role in key activities by convening events, steering campaigns and co-designing programme initiatives. Voting members contribute their fee towards the Membership Solidarity Fund, which enhances alliance solidarity and civil society diversity and resilience. Contribution for individuals and organisations with an annual income of $80k or less is optional. Voting members will be verified as legitimate and credible civil society actors who align with CIVICUS’ values and principles.

Associate Members

Associate membership is for those who are committed to citizen action and civil society. They are legitimate and credible civil society actors who align with CIVICUS’ values and principles. Associate members organise, support, speak up, champion or advocate for citizen participation and civil society on local, national, regional and/or global levels. Member engagement opportunities are regularly shared with associate members. Associate membership is free.

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For more information please read CIVICUS Membership policy, and review the Code of Conduct. If you have any queries which are not covered here please don’t hesitate to contact the membership team at .



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