Writings Within Your Organisation


Writing is one of the most powerful tools your organisation counts with in its day to day work. The present tool aims at strengthening the capacity of your organisation’s staff to better communicate internally through writing.

What’s in the tool

This tool is rich in tips and examples for strengthening the writings within your organisation. On it you will find information about: 

Notice boards

We look at the role that a dynamic notice board can play in an organisation’s life. We also provide you with some ideas on how to set up and maintain a notice board.

 Internal correspondence: memos

Here we look at how to write a memo that will get the job done. 

Correspondence: letters, faxes and e-mails

Letters, faxes and e-mails are all different kinds of letters. In this section we look at how to be an effective communicator using them. 


Many people find minute-writing daunting. There is confusion about what is required of a minute-writer. This section looks at the vital role that minutes play in an organisation’s life, and at how to become a stronger minute-writer. 


Organisational people spend a lot of their time writing and reading reports. Yet so many reports remain half-read, and do not provide the key to promoting progress in the organisation that they could. This section looks at how you can make reports far more effective in your organisation.


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