10 Principles of Good Practice for the Intelligent Funder


For donors, civil society is a crucial partner and resource in progressing development goals. For civil society, the relationship with donors is a key issue, and much remains to be done on both sides to advance understanding and collaboration.

The CIVICUS network, through the CIVICUS World Assemblies (WA), has provided a forum for donors and civil society stakeholders to discuss their relationship and how they can face today’s major crises together, effectively and intelligently.

What’s in the tool

Ten principles of good practice for the intelligent funder’s relationship with civil society.

These principles have emerged during three years of discussions between donors and representatives of civil society organisations. Assisted by case studies and practice examples, this report provides details on mechanisms and tools that have been identified as innovative and replicable. At the same time, the report allows readers to draw lessons for their own activities. The principles are based equally on existing practices as well as aspirations for a model of more intelligent, sustainable funding partnerships.

This is rounded up with a matrix of the tools and approaches discussed in this paper. The examples and cases cited are drawn equally from a wide list of resource literature as well as interviews conducted during January and April 2009.


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