CIVICUS Youth Global Perspectives Lab Series

What is the Global Perspectives Lab?

The Global Perspectives Lab (GPL), is a CIVICUS youth initiative, co-designed in 2022 with the feedback of the alumni networks of the Youth Action Lab, Youth Ambassadors and Youth Action Team. The GPL is a series of formal and informal spaces organised by young social changemakers to connect, exchange knowledge and mobilise in solidarity. The intention is to shift the space from a purely technical/ development space to a grassroots/ communal space.

Through alliance building and curated spaces for learning and personal connections, it is believed that the work of youth-led civil society groups and movements can be strengthened towards creating sustainable and resilient social justice initiatives. Working as a collective beyond one’s local environment can provide useful tools, networks and strategies to improve one’s impact. 

With the leadership of the Youth Action Team, who set the direction for the CIVICUS youth community, the GPL will offer a dedicated space for members of CIVICUS youth and beyond to interact. The format of this space will be designed by members themselves to increase the visibility and legitimacy of their work, exchange knowledge with peers and experts and explore new partnerships. Because of the size of this community, the participants of the Youth Action Lab will be the first to host these global spaces, putting into practice the knowledge and tools acquired during their time in the Lab. The nineteen recently selected CIVICUS youth ambassadors will host similar dialogues with youth networks in their countries. The CIVICUS youth coordination team will provide logistic support and a space to share the outcomes and key messages of the dialogues via CIVICUS communications platforms.

Global Perspectives Lab Dates

Through a process of co-creation and collaboration with young activists from all over the world who are part of the CIVICUS Youth community, the GPL team agreed to focus on different thematic priorities that are key to supporting young people's power. Events with a global reach will take place virtually and local events will be in person starting in May and closing in October 2022.

Virtual International Events

Climate Change:
One Planet, Multiple Stories: Climate Change Efforts through the Eyes of Local Activists
Inclusive Education:
Education for All: Local Approaches to Leave no one Behind Globally
Land Rights:
Land Rights and the Future of Youth: Rural Inequalities and Urban Problems
Final Virtual Dialogue of 2022:
Women, Youth and Peace:
Local Stories, Global Impact: Inspiring Young Women at the Forefront of Peacebuilding

Local Events

Feminism and Climate Change:
“Tuimarike, Wanadada” (Let’s get empowered, Women and Girls)
Sexual and Reproductive Rights:
How to facilitate access to safe abortion under a restricted legal context?
Youth, Peace and Security:
Local Stories of Peacebuilding: Enacting the United Nation’s Security Council

Do you want to be the host of a GPL event?

Write to if you are interested to organise a global event, want to promote a conversation around a topic of your interest and learn about the requirements and dates available.


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