International Civil Society Week 2019

ICSW\local aims to broaden engagement with partners in under-represented or marginalised regions, who due to financial and logistical constraints, would not be able to host events in Belgrade, Serbia. ICSW\local partners will hold ICSW events in different sub-national, regional and international locations between January and March, in the lead up to ICSW 2019. Representatives from ICSW\local events will then travel to Belgrade to share their diverse perspectives with the global delegation in Belgrade.

International Events

Zimbabwe (7-8 March)

Track 1: Bridges

SDG Gallery Walk: Creating CSOs Spaces for Collaborative Effort

The Poverty Reduction Forum Trust will organize a Gallery Walk in Harare, Zimbabwe for local organisations and communities to share and exhibit their SDGs stories with International NGOs, Government, Private Sector, Academia and the wider community. The focus of the Gallery Walk will be to reflect on different CSOs experiences, build partnerships and strategies for engagement around SDGs work in Zimbabwe.

Indonesia (16 – 17 March)

Track 3: Stairs

Festival of Social Creativity (FeSoVity)

Sociopreneur Indonesia will be hosting the Festival of Social Creativity (FeSoVity) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The festival is part of their ‘Empathy Project’ and aims to promote empathy through social-creativity to wider audience. By applying intensive experiential learning, primary and high school students, teachers, parents, and supporters from the communities and government will work collaboratively to play in a series of creative activities while at the end create educational tools to be donated to designated schools in rural areas.

Ukraine (10 March)

Track 2: Streets

Women Mentoring Walk & Talk

League of Professional Women will organize a Women Mentoring Walk and Talk in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Walk and Talk event will bring together established and emerging women leaders to walk together in a public park in downtown Kyiv. As they walk, the women leaders will share their professional challenges and successes and establish mentoring relationships with their younger peers who will join in the walk. The mentorship relationships established will then be supported by League of Professional Women’s on-going women leadership initiatives.

Argentina (13 March)

Track 1: Bridges

Partnerships in Development/Alianzas para el desarrollo

Following on the G20 talks from the previous year, RACI will host a day of dialogues and open exchanges to discuss the main concerns of civil society in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event will arrange different conversations between civil society, the public sector, and the private one in a space where different activities will take place at the same time.

Mexico (20 and 27 March)

Track 1: Bridges

Reimagining Development: the power of the community

Centro Mexicano Para La Filantropia (CEMEFI) will host local dialogues with rural and remote communities to reimagine democracy from the perspectives of local communities and promote community initiatives. These community dialogues will build trust between urban and rural counterparts and examine the role of the community with respect to human rights, equality, diversity, and conflict resolution.

USA & Slovakia (virtually) (Date TBC)

Track 2: Streets

The Role of Neutral Facilitators to help resolve intra-movement conflicts

In the weeks following the 2019 Women’s March on January 19, PartnersGlobal will convene a group of activist leaders and academics to discuss the internal conflict within the movement and distill lessons for the future. They will include colleagues at Partners Slovakia who have been facilitating the internal dynamics of the Decent Slovakia movement (stemming from the murdered journalist in Bratislava) to provide an additional case study, and as a strategy for discussing sensitive dynamics that can be externalized from the US experience.  The event will be both a virtual convening of speakers, coupled with a live (curated) audience for discussion in Washington D.C.

Lebanon (23 February)

Track 1: Bridges

Music for Healing and Togetherness

Concluding a year-long ambitious goal to bring together children and youth often in conflict through shared folk songs and culture heritage, PartnersJordan, is hosting a concert performed by a choir of disadvantaged youth people in Beirut. The event will celebrate the cohesion and unity created by joining youth from different and opposing communities to sing about their shared heritage and culture.

Varaždin, Croatia (13 March)

Track 1: Bridges

Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity

CROSOL is organizing a public debate to engage Croatian citizens in discussing Croatian priorities during the EU Presidency from January 2020, and to encourage them to contribute their opinions in shaping these priorities togetherAlthough the Presidency of the Council of the European Union must put the needs of all EU members first, it gives Croatia a chance to navigate and lead through the burning European issues in the role of the host. What does it take for this process to be considered successful? What topics do Croatian citizens consider important? How can citizens influence chairing process? These are some of the questions we will attempt to answer during this public discussion.

Tirana, Albania (Date TBC)

Track 1: Bridges

Partners Albania for Change and Development will organize the World Café Enabling Environment for CSOs in Albania.Around 150 CSO representatives will have the opportunity to present main issues of concern and to engage in concrete working agendas for addressing CSOs priorities. The event will serve as a medium that will enable the connections of local voices and ideas and strengthen the foundation for advocacy on issues related to enabling environment and sustainability of civil society in Albania. This will affect the strengthening of the civil society sector and the efficiency of its work for the society.

Tirana, Albania (Date TBC)

Track 2: Streets

Civic Resistance (Qëndresa Qytetare) will organize an open forum “The Power of Albanian Citizens to build Civic Resistance against Corruption” with representatives from different organizations, activists, communities, young people etc. Several civic movements around the world will be presented that through their resistance have changed corruption problems in their countries. This will encourage public discussions about the ways of communicating with citizens in order to build bigger constituencies and dive deeper into the skills that CSOs need to engage with citizens for advocacy, community building, and philanthropy.  At the end, all the participants will sign a declaration for a better society without corruption.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Date TBC)

Track 1: Bridges

The Center for Civil society Promotion will organize the round table “Insight in BiH civil society” to address lack of formal documents for cooperation between the government and CSOs; lack of regulation for transparent distribution of public funds; lack of legal framework for social entrepreneurship and philanthropy; capacities of unformal civic groups and political abuse on it, etc. The specific goal will be to create precondition for a wider advocacy campaign towards relevant state institution for creation enabling environment for civil society development as well as to reach the common sense of understanding and positioning of the CSOs in current BiH environment.

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (15 March)

Track 1: Bridges

ProAct - Strengthening civic activism through the Coalition „United We Can Do More“ conference, organized by CDP Globus, will bring together representatives of civil society, social activists and experts in the field of social inclusion, employment, entrepreneurship, in order to actualize the role of civil initiatives in empowering society, especially in addressing issues of social inclusion and employment. Our specific focus will be possibilities for strengthening and expanding common civil society initiatives through the Coalition for the development of social entrepreneurship „United We Can More.“

Bitola, Macedonia (Date TBC)

Track 1: Bridges

SFERA Macedonia will host the event „Building Bridges“ - full-day program for the citizens in the area. In the city center NGOs will present their activities and motivate young people to be active citizens, while the visitors will have a chance to talk about the research done by SFERA on youth involvement in Bitola. The event will offer an opportunity for NGOs to connect with each other for future projects, learn about what the people in their community think about civic engagement, and to share their ideas about what the future of civil activity looks in their community.

Skopje, Macedonia (Date TBC)

Track 1: Bridges

Krik Macedonia will organize the networking event „Together, to get there!“. 30 representatives of day-care centers for people with disabilities and 30 representatives of youth organizations from across the country will gather together to learn to respect each other and feel the power of togetherness trough working together for a greater cause. The main goal of the event is to establish connections between the institutions and youth organizations and ideas for future collaboration.

Podgorica, Montenegro (Date TBC)

Track 1: Bridges

CRNVO will organize the national forum „Building Resilient Civil Society“ as an opportunity for Montenegrin CSOs to identify obstacles for building enabling environment for civil society in the country and jointly agree on issues that will be priorities for joint actions of CSOs and on tools used for combating these problems. The forum will include professional CSOs , unions, media and journalists, local CSOs and individual activists in order to support coalition building among different stakeholders in civil society. It will showcase major issues CSOs today are facing and will produce joint conclusions and priorities for 2019.

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