About the Location

International Civil Society Week 2019

ICSW 2019 will take place in capital of Serbia, Belgrade. With a 7,000-year history, Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans, Belgrade represents a complex cultural and religious heritage and provides an opportune place to explore the notion of togetherness and the power of collective action.

*The Youth Assembly will take place from 6-7 April in Novi Sad, the Youth Capital of Europe in 2019.

Getting There


Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport (BEG) is the main gateway to Serbia and the air hub of the entire Balkan region with direct flight connections to/from more than 70 major Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia cities. There are 21 airline companies operating at Belgrade Airport, including five  low-cost carriers (EasyJet, Wizz Air, Transavia, Norwegian, Flydubai).

From/To Airport

Venue: 15-20 min drive
Supporting hotels: 15-20 min drive
City center: 20 min drive
Taxi: One direction to venue / hotels / city center hotels (up to 3 people) approx. price is 15€ in total per ride.
Bus: Public Line 72 and Express Line A1 depart from the airport approximately every 20 min.
Approx. ticket price is 1€ / 3€

Bus & Train

The capital city, Belgrade, has regular and direct bus (BAS tourist) and rail (Serbian Railways) connections with all parts of Serbia and capital cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Both rail and bus stations are in the proximity of the city center.

From/to Station

Conference venues: 15 min driving distance
Supporting hotels: 15 min driving distance
City center: 15 min walking distance
Taxi: One direction to conference venue / hotels / city center (up to 3 people) price is 5-7€.
Bus: Public lines No 78, 83, 7, 9, 12, 13, 53, 55 runs every 3 minutes. The price is 1 €.