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17 November 2011
Edition No: 562

Join us for the 16 Days of Activism
Source: Women’s Net

As part of the 16 Days of Activism campaign, Women’s Net is embarking on a campaign and twitter drive under the hash-tag #fone4women.
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Show your solidarity with Chen Guancheng
Source: Frontline Defenders

Human rights defender Mr Chen Guangcheng, along with his wife Ms Yuan Weijing, his mother and six-year old daughter, have been under house arrest for almost a year, during which time they have been completely isolated from the outside world and forced to endure severe food shortages as none of the family is being permitted to leave the property. Show your solidarity, sign the petition.
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NGO Aid Map Survey (responses requested by 6 December)

Interaction is conducting a survey to see how we're doing with NGO Aid Map, an InterAction initiative focused on collecting information on NGOs' work at the project level and making it accessible to donors, NGOs, businesses, governments and the public through an online, interactive mapping tool.
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Global Women's Forum at the Busan Global Civil Society Forum (26- 27 November 2011)
Source: Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development

This forum will bring women's rights groups and other civil society groups together to review the impact of the Aid/ Development Effectiveness agenda on women's rights and to plan strategy and interventions within the High Level Forum to advance women's rights.
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National Summit for the Charitable and Non-profit Sector (28-30 November)
Source: Imagine Canada

The National Summit for the Charitable and Non-profit Sector is bringing together leaders from across sub-sectors and from across Canada. Most of the issues that the summit is dealing with are universal and international groups and organisations are invited to participate online.
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Call for registration: NGO CSW 56 (2012) Consultation Day and NGO Parallel Events (26 February 2012)
Source: Women Lobby

The NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY (NGO/CSW/NY) is organising an NGO CSW Forum that includes an NGO Consultation Day and NGO Parallel Events during the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) meeting in New York.
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Senior Policy Officer (Application deadline 21 November 2011)
Source: Norwegian Church Aid

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is a faith-based Norwegian NGO, working for global justice. In line with our new mandate as a policy office for Southern Africa, we are now recruiting a Senior Policy Officer for Gender Justice to be based in Pretoria
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Human Rights Officer (Application deadline 21 November 2011)
Source: OHCHR - Nepal

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal is looking for a Human Rights Officer.
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Community Project Officer (Application deadline 22 November 2011)
Source: Democracy Development Programme

The DDP seeks to appoint a Community Project Officer - Local Governance and Public Participation, based in Durban. S/he will ensure that the DDP is recognised as a leading NGO with regards to good governance and capacity building in the local governance sector.
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Organisational Development Coordinator/Accountability (application deadline 4 December 2011)
Source: Amnesty international

Working in Amnesty's International Mobilization Programme (IMP), you'll coordinate the identification of capacity building needs of AI membership entities and the delivery or coordination of capacity-building interventions in order to achieve the human rights and growth goals of the movement in the global south and east.
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The clothes have no emperor

I recently heard Al Gore use the phrase "The clothes have no emperor" to describe the current situation in global governance. A book with that title catalogued the presidency of Ronald Reagan accusing the American public and the media of "conspiring to pretend that an actor wasn’t playing the role of President of the United States."

In the aftermath of the recent G-20 summit in France and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia - both noteworthy for the continuing lack of substantive action on financial sector reform, climate negotiations, trade and the reform of international institutions - the description seems increasingly apt. And nothing in the prognoses for the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in South Korea and the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in South Africa, scheduled for later this month, suggests that the characterisation will need revision in their wake.

Despite the fervent words of UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon to the leaders of the G-20 to "not overlook the most vulnerable people, live up to past pledges, recognise that pro-poor investment is smart investment, for all" and his reiteration of the need for "concerted international action of the same scope the G20 took in 2009 in London,” the summit produced little coherent action on his specific pleas for innovative financing for development to supplement Official Development Assistance or policies that address rampant, structural unemployment.

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In solidarity,

Ingrid Srinath

Call for "Snapshots"

From jailed human rights defenders in Belarus to anti-corruption campaigners in India to disaster relief workers in Japan and in East Africa to angry protesters in Tahrir Square to the activists involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement, we want to capture the tales of the individuals that witnessed, participated and commented on the events that defined 2011.
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Promoting human rights in Venezuela - Crisis Response Fund appeal

Human Rights Defender Dr Humberto Prado Sifontes, director of Venezuela Prison Watch (OVP), is committed to changing Venezuelan public prison policy. Over 400 inmates, 1-2% of the prison population, are killed per year. Many more are subjected to cruel, inhumane treatment and torture. We need your help to support his work.
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TCFF and EHHR launch online film festival

Tri Continental Film Festival in partnership with Every Human Has Rights is launching a commemorative International Human Rights Day online film festival on 16 November  2011, making them pioneers among human rights organisations in offering free access to award-winning documentary films.
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CIVICUS interview with Billy Mayaya

Billy Mayaya, Programme Manager, Church and Society (CCAP Nkohma Synod), at the human Rights and advocacy department of the Presbyterian Church in Malawi, spoke to CIVICUS about the current political situation in the country and the targeted threats to civil society members.
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On the road to COP17

Durban COP17- Conference of the Polluters
Source: Swazi Observer

All roads lead to Durban this month for the Conference of Partners, COP 17, but not without daggers drawn. Civil society on the one hand is coming out guns blazing to face the industrial giants of the first world while the third world on the other wants its hoarse voice to be also heard.
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On the road to Busan

Interview with Ahmed Swapan Mahmud

Ahmed Swapan Mahmud of Voice in Bangladesh conducted this interview on development effectiveness and BetterAid during the CIVICUS World Assembly.
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Bill is a ‘shameful moment’ for Israel

Source: The Jerusalem Post

Immediately after the Israeli Ministerial Committee on Legislation’s vote in favour of two bills limiting foreign governments' donations to NGOs on Sunday, civil rights groups and left-wing NGOs – who stand to see a substantial cut in funding – were unanimous in attacking the decision.
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Palestinian civil society launches campaign to reform international aid to Palestine in run up to Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness
Source:  Dalia Association

Dalia Association and other Palestinian NGOs join the global movement for aid reform by launching a campaign to enable Palestinians to claim their rights to self-determination in development. Campaign organisers argue that international aid should not be delivered in ways that further undermine local priorities, capacities and ownership.
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Letter to President Barack Obama from civil society representatives in LRA-affected areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan
Source: Human Rights Watch

20 civil society groups in northern Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan write to President Obama, in regards to the announcement by the Obama administration to send 100 military advisors to counter the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).
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Aid policy: Donors still far from transparent
Source: IRIN News

When nations gather in Busan, South Korea, for the fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, transparency will be up for discussion. A study by campaign group Publish What You Fund finds that most international aid donors are still not open enough about their aid programmes and some offer no information at all.
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Civil society: The solution to Latin America’s neglected refugee crisis?
Source: AlertNet

Last week at the US Institute of Peace (USIP), members of civil society and government met to discuss one of the world’s most pernicious, and least well-known, displacement crises. Unlike the situations in Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, or Sudan, the 5.4 million displaced persons in Latin America rarely grab global headlines. But their numbers are staggering and their plight is serious.
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Syria: Regime’s continued violence risks spread of conflict
Source: International Trade Union Confederation

With more than 3,000 people killed to date, the Syrian authorities show no sign of seeking a peaceful end to the violent repression engulfing the country. Despite mediation efforts by Turkey, and an agreement with the Assad regime brokered by the Arab League, the President’s security forces are continuing to kill innocent civilians engaged in peaceful protest.
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How citizen journalism is reshaping media and democracy
Source: Mashable

Working with 14 other clandestine reporters in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, citizen journalist Ryan Boyette and his colleagues have been documenting Sudanese government atrocities by gathering testimonies, photos and video from survivors and eyewitnesses.
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Just how much can the state restrict a peaceful protest?
Source: ProPublica

As protests supporting Occupy Wall Street have swelled in recent weeks, hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested across the U.S. This weekend, nearly 100 people were arrested in New York and 175 in Chicago. More than 100 protesters were arrested in Boston last week; a few weeks ago, 700 were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. So, if the First Amendment guarantees the right to peaceable assembly, why do peaceful protestors keep getting arrested - and sometimes pepper-sprayed and beaten up?
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National advocacy & media toolkit for HLF4
Source: Open Forum for Development Effectiveness

BetterAid and Open Forum are glad to share the National Advocacy and Media Toolkit for Busan HLF4 for use in the run up to and during the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4) and the Busan Civil Society Forum that precedes it. The Toolkit is intended to support national advocacy and media activities.
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2011 Pilot Aid Transparency Index
Source: Publish What You Fund

The majority of international aid donors are not publishing enough information about the money they give, undermining the effectiveness of development spending and damaging public trust, according to a new report released today by Publish What You Fund. The report comes just 2 weeks before a key international meeting on aid effectiveness in Busan, Korea.
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Calls for civil society projects focused on poverty reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean

Source: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

IDB is calling for civil society organizations to submit projects that support poverty reduction and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The call is for projects to develop low-income communities and provide sustainable poverty reduction in 26 countries in the region. Proposals must be submitted by 31 December 2011. 
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Call for papers: The EU and China - Partners for a Green World
Source: Le Réseau Asie-Pacifique

Identifying opportunities for, and hurdles to, EU-China cooperation over attempts to make the world economy greener is the topic of an upcoming international conference organised jointly by the College of Europe and the Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation. A panel during the conference will focus on public diplomacy and civil society dialogue in relation to green economy, environment protection and climate change.
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MA in Democracy and Governance (application deadline 15 January 2012)
Source: Georgetown University

Practitioners and scholars in fields as diverse as public policy, international development, and security studies increasingly recognise that successful programs in their fields require effective and accountable governance. To address this need, the Master of Arts in Democracy and Governance seeks to understand the foundations of democratic and responsive government, how policy makers can create and implement policies to achieve these objectives, and prepares students for both careers and further study in these areas.
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