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10 February 2011
Edition No: 523

Poll question

Is the international community doing enough for the people of Egypt?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Sometimes
d. Undecided

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Previous question: Are you going to the World Social Forum?
a. Yes, it's an opportunity to find solutions
b. No, but I wish I could be a part of it
c. No, it's a waste of time

Results: a. 58.1%, b. 35.5%, c. 6.5%

Take action and walk for water, 19-22 March 2011

Source: Walk for Water

Millions of people walk six kilometres every day just to collect water for their basic needs.
On World Water Day 2011, thousands of people across the globe will walk together for six kilometres to demand an end to this crisis.
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End the crackdown in Egypt and uphold human rights: Petition

Source: Amnesty International

Protesters are demanding change but their right to do so peacefully is not being respected. They have been the target of violent attacks by pro-government supporters, while Egyptian authorities have failed to ensure protection of their right to freedom of expression and assembly.
Join Amnesty's call on Vice President Omar Suleiman to stop the crackdown in Egypt.
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2011 Impact Evaluation conference: 'Mind the gap: From evidence to policy impact'

Source: The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

Each year billions of dollars are spent on tackling global poverty. Development programmes and policies are designed to build sustainable livelihoods and improve lives. But is there real evidence to show which programmes work and why? The Mind the Gap conference on impact evaluation will address these questions and offer possible solutions. The conference will take place in Cuernavaca, Mexico, from 15-17 June 2011.
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Conference on displacement and reconciliation

Source: Canadian Association for the Study of International Development

Experiences from Bosnia, Rwanda and Cambodia to Colombia, Iraq and Sudan have raised important, under-examined questions about the relationship between reconciliation and the experience and resolution of displacement. The conference will take place in Ottawa, Canada, from 9-10 June 2011.
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Environmental Refugees

Silke Marie Christiansen

Climate change is primarily associated with its physical outcomes like extreme weather events, rising sea levels and desertification. However, these climatic impacts do not only pose a threat to the environment, natural habitat and biodiversity but also to society. Environmental migration as one social aftermath of climate change is the subject of this analysis. The emergence of environmental refugees is heatedly debated in the media, among policymakers and in academic writing of various disciplines. The author of this thesis seeks to take that debate seriously. She does not put the existence of environmental refugees a priori to her analysis, but scrutinises the different notions critically.
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Director of Outreach (application deadline: 1 March 2011)


CIVICUS is seeking to recruit a Director of Outreach to lead and manage the process of CIVICUS' outreach strategy development and implementation for the Convening; Communications; Lobbying and Engagement and Resource Mobilisation units. The Director of Outreach is a member of the senior management team and is expected to contribute to other organisation-wide initiatives.
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Lobbying and Engagement Officer (application deadline: 1 March 2011)


CIVICUS is seeking to recruit an Officer in the Lobbying and Engagement Unit to carry out and facilitate lobbying and relevant campaign activities to influence the policy of target audiences and strengthen and expand the space available for meaningful civil society engagement at local, regional and international levels in line with CIVICUS' strategic directions.
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Research Officer,
(application deadline: 1 March 2011)


CIVICUS is seeking to recruit a Research Officer to carry out and facilitate research activities and contribute to the development of CIVICUS' research priorities and partnerships on civil society issues in a constantly changing global environment.
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Communications Officer (application deadline: 1 March 2011)


CIVICUS is seeking to recruit a Communications Officer to carry out and facilitate effective communications and brand strategies in line with the organisation's strategic directions and stakeholder needs.
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Internship: Research Intern (application deadline: 28 February 2011)


CIVICUS is seeking to employ a Research Intern for a new six month internship between April and September 2011 to assist with the work and development of the Research Unit. The Research Intern will work closely with the Research Manager to offer research functions for a range of CIVICUS initiatives.
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In solidarity with brave Egyptian brothers and sisters: Statement

On behalf of CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation and our members and partners around the world I would like to express  solidarity with civil society in Egypt, currently at the forefront of the citizen movement against President Mubarak's 30 year authoritarian rule.

We want all citizens of Egypt and CIVICUS' members and partners there to know they are not alone in their struggle for democratic rights. Millions of people on every continent stand united in solidarity with you as you risk your safety, livelihoods, even your lives, to take on a regime which for too long has stifled your democratic rights and freedoms.  

Your courage is testament to the thousands of Egyptians who have suffered imprisonment, torture and assassination at the hands of President Mubarak's regime, which has systematically suppressed the legitimate democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people and curtailed the ability of civil society to exercise its rights to expression, association and assembly. Already the death toll in this wave of struggle has claimed over 300 lives and caused injury to thousands as an unrepentant regime clings to power by any means at their command.

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Ingrid Srinath at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

"Despite the government's pledges to the contrary, growth in India has not been inclusive. Child malnutrition has barely improved over the past two decades and caste politics still excludes millions of people from real opportunity. While most children are now enrolled in schools, 65 percent drop out and only 12 percent go to college. If you are in the bottom third, life is universally worse than 20 years ago", she said.

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CIVICUS calls for solidarity with Egypt

Civil Society Watch Monthly Bulletin

The latest issue of the Civil Society Watch Monthly is now available. It provides an overview of threats to civil society from around the world. Check out the issue or subscribe today.

Interview with a civil society activist

In this interview Pascal Nyilibakwe, based at the CIVICUS office from October 2010 through January 2011, discusses the situation in Rwanda and how he had to leave the country because of his human rights work. Pascal is the Executive Director of Ligue des Droits de la personne dans la region des Grands Lacs (LDGL), which works in the Great Lakes region of Africa and has 25 members in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, with the secretariat based in Kigali, Rwanda.
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Echoes from Tunisia and Egypt: Revolutions without self-proclaimed revolutionaries

Source: Pambazuka

With decentralised organising structures and the absence of a leadership vanguard, events in Egypt and Tunisia point to an emergent mode of revolutionary organisation, argues Horace Campbell.
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U.S. Pakistan aid shows little progress

Source: Wall Street Journal

The U.S. civilian aid programme for Pakistan has failed to show it is achieving its goals since Congress approved a $7.5 billion five-year assistance package in late 2009, according to an official U.S. government assessment.
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UN Forum on human rights: Stay and fight or walk away?

Source: Brookings

The Bush administration chose not to participate in the Human Rights Council when it was established in 2006, creating the opportunity for countries like Cuba, China and Pakistan to dominate the new body's early years. Ted Piccone, Senior Fellow and Deputy Director, US Foreign Policy, discusses.
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Cambodia/Thailand: Border dispute displaces up to 30,000

Source: IRIN

NGOs working along the Thai-Cambodian border are monitoring clashes between the two countries near a disputed temple and are extremely concerned about the reported displacement of up to 30,000 people.
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Rights groups fear quid pro quo for peaceful transition

Source: IPS

Amid renewed pockets of unrest throughout Sudan and continuing violence in Darfur, government officials in Khartoum announced on Monday that a whopping 98.83 percent of southern voters - numbering more than 3.8 million in a country of over 42.3 million - cast their ballots in favour of secession during last month's highly anticipated referendum.
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Civil Society in 1989 and 2011

Mary Kaldor

At the Munich Security Conference, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced the end of multi-culturalism and the need to confront those who oppose British values - democracy, integration and equality of the sexes. Yet the crowds in Tahrir Square are proving that these values are not the preserve of the British - far from it. Like the crowds in Prague or Berlin in 1989, they are showing that they can be the agents of history. Muslims and Christians are standing together. The Muslim brotherhood has said that it will not put up a candidate for president. Women in veils and women with their hair streaming behind them are equal participants with men in this game-changing moment. They have confronted Mubarak's thugs with huge dignity and restraint. It was civil society, not western military strength, that brought down communism, said the Hungarian writer Gyorgy Konrad. The same is true in the Middle East; whatever happens in the next few days and weeks, an active civil society has begun a movement for democracy across the region.
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New research portal

Source: The Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA)

LACEA with the support of Global Development Network has launched VoxLACEA, a portal for research-based policy analysis and commentary by leading scholars on issues relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Armenia and Azerbaijan: Preventing War: Report

Source: International Crisis Group

An arms race, escalating front-line clashes, vitriolic war rhetoric and a virtual breakdown in peace talks are increasing the chance that Armenia and Azerbaijan will go back to war over Nagorno-Karabakh. Preventing this is urgent.

The carbon brief: New climate portal

Source: carbonbrief.org

Carbon Brief fact-checks stories about climate science online and in the press. It provides briefings on the people and organisations talking about climate change and produces background materials on science issues and news stories.
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International Leadership Forum Announcement - Call for applications

Source: UNESCO Chair and Institute of Comparative Human Rights

The UNESCO Chair and Institute of Comparative Human Rights at the University of Connecticut invites applications for the seventh annual International Leadership Programme: A Global Intergenerational Forum, to be held from 5-14 August 2011 in Storrs, Connecticut. Applications close on 28 February 2011.
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Children and Youth in Crises Conference: Call for paper

Source: The World Bank

The World Bank is inviting papers for the Children and Youth in Crisis Conference (5-6 May 2011) co-hosted by the World Bank and the Jacobs Foundation. The particular focus is on developing countries.
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Food security: Call for papers

Source: Canadian International Food Security Research Fund

The International Development Research Centre, a Canadian Crown corporation that works in close collaboration with researchers from the developing world, is calling for proposals as part of the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund. The submission deadline is 23 March 2011.
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Spread Trees, Not Aids: Call for volunteers

Source: LetsStopAIDS

LetsStopAIDS is now accepting applications for six (6) International Youth Ambassadors to take part in its summer project in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  Spread Trees, Not AIDS is LetsStopAIDS' international project that works to bring together two pressing issues of our time: HIV and AIDS, and environmental degradation.
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