Pakistan NGOs Forum (PNF)

Creating a Pathway for Engagement

The Forum aims to engage a diversity of young people across all aspects of their work.

PNF recognises that youth inclusion is not limited to the voices of a few young people, and that youth are a diverse group. This diversity means that some young people are more marginalised than others, such as young women and girls, young people with disabilities, and young people living in conflict zones. The network aims to engage diverse youth perspectives and develop inclusive youth leadership. In order to reach a diverse group of youth, PNF uses a number of different strategies including outreach through schools, colleges, and social media. PNF also uses more traditional approaches such as community focal points, study circles and community dialogues to reach youth in rural communities.

PNF’s choice to prioritise the inclusion of diverse youth voices into all levels of their work influenced their strategic planning. When they created their outreach plans, they noted that they could not reach all young people through one method, such as social media. Instead, they used a diversity of methods and considered potential barriers to participation, in order to ensure that they were reaching a diverse group of young people. These youth have then been given opportunities to make meaningful and impactful contributions to PNF. These contributions have, in turn, strengthened their work and encouraged other youth to engage.

A diverse cross-section of youth have been integrated into PNF’s decision-making processes, these youth have access to small grants to help them develop their ideas, and they provide input into PNF’s strategic plan development, advocacy programs and more.

Does your organisation have a civil society youth engagement practice that you would like to showcase here? Please let us know in the form below – any language is welcome! If you have any questions, please let us know at agna@civicus.org

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