Sociopreneur Indonesia

Reaching Youth with Diverse Programming

To involve young people in social entrepreneurship and to support youth in acting as agents of change.

Sociopreneur Indonesia (SociopreneurID) offers a variety of different opportunities for youth to participate in. They reach youth through a Youth Economic Leadership Program, a Bootcamp for Young Technopreneurs, and a Be a Creative Innovator program. The organisation uses their educational programs and connections to schools and Universities to reach out to youth. In addition, consulting is one of their main values, which supports them in being informed by and meeting the needs of the populations they work with. They have also used youth volunteers to support their programming.

By offering a variety of different opportunities for youth to participate in, SociopreneurID recognizes that youth are not a homogenous group and that they have unique interests and curiosities that should be catered to. The programs also meet youth where they are, by working with schools and Universities to provide educational programming for youth. In addition, SociopreneurID’s choice to include their goal to empower youth as agents of change in their “about us” statement demonstrates that they value and prioritise youth engagement and leadership.

Sociopreneur Indonesia has empowered more than 800 young adults (17-25 years old) to become active volunteers in their programs.

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