Social Action for Peace and Development

Reaching Youth on University Campuses

To engage young people in dialogue about civic participation and empower them to take action.

Social Action for Peace and Development approached young people by going to University campuses to meet youth where they are. Social Action for Peace and Development went to University campuses to talk with youth about how they can have an impact on the development of their communities.

This campaign worked because the organisation went to the youth and met them where they are. By visiting University campuses and talking to young people, they were able to reach youth with a variety of different interests. It should also be noted that reaching youth on University campuses, does not necessarily mean you are reaching a broad cross-section of youth. However, by meeting youth they are, the campaign was able to engage many youth and make a case for their participation. By highlighting and communicating the urgent need for civic participation and the potential impacts youth could have by taking action, they were able to mobilise great numbers of young people.

The outreach was successful. The turnout was massive in mobilising and engaging youth in the civic participation campaign.

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