Reaching Youth Online

To involve young people in the network and give them a central role in Sinergia’s initiatives.

Sinergia has been leveraging the support of young champions that are already engaged to engage more youth. Through the support of the youth that are already involved, Sinergia has been reaching youth online, by creating and developing activities that are attractive and interesting to young people. In addition, their outreach is strengthened by the opportunities they provide to young people including training, mentoring, internships, and scholarships.

By working with youth to engage youth, Sinergia has been able to develop activities and opportunities that cater to young people to encourage their participation and engagement. Moreover, Sinergia has been using online spaces to reach young people, which has allowed them to access a diversity of youth. Singergia’s strategy is strengthened by the additional opportunities they provide, which create opportunities to scale the engagement of young people.

Sinergia has many young people involved both on their team, as well as in their assembly of members. A future goal may be to engage youth at the level of the governing body, where they do not currently have youth participants.

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