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Youth-Led Civil Society

To transform the African continent by creating space for African youth to achieve their rights to peace, equality and social justice.

AYM built alliances and networks of associations, youth groups and Universities to reach a broad cross-section of youth. They also collaborated with organisations to create a national database of youth-led civil society organisations. AYM trains members in different skills and capacities based on needs and hosts convenings including workshops, forums and events, where youth are able to meet with leaders to discuss social justice issues and advocate for solutions.

AYM’s work has normalised and promoted youth participation at all levels of civil society, including leadership and decision-making levels. By sharing stories of youth leadership in civil society they are empowering and enabling other organisations to engage and mainstream youth participation in their work. The goal of AYM is to transform the African continent and it works to achieve this goal by creating space for youth participation. This broad goal, creates opportunities for young people to envision a different future for their country and continent and to imagine themselves as agents of change at the centre of that vision. In addition, AYM creates empowering opportunities for young people to connect with their peers as well as meet with and advocate leaders and decision-makers.

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AYM has connected young changemakers around the vision of pan-Africanism.

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