Nigeria Network of NGOs

Mainstreaming Youth Participation

To mainstream youth participation in the network.

The Nigeria Network of NGOs recruits youth interns to support the work of the network on a volunteer basis and, at times, to also support the work of member organisations. While volunteering youth are also provided with a stipend to support them. The network has also collaborated with young people to support youth-led social good initiatives, and has partnered with youth to host seminars and workshops.

In all cases, the network has shown that it deeply values young people and has given them space and opportunities to lead. The network has shown that in all areas of its work youth participation is important and, as such, the network has prioritized youth involvement. This approach has allowed the network to better engage youth, and has improved their work by making the network more inclusive.

The majority of the network’s staff are now young people and youth are now integrated into all aspects of the organisation’s work, including decision-making spheres.

Does your organisation have a civil society youth engagement practice that you would like to showcase here? Please let us know in the form below – any language is welcome! If you have any questions, please let us know at

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