Cameroon Youth Participation

Engaging Youth in Policy at a Local Level

This project aimed to engage youth in policy development. This goal was created in response to a concern regarding the lack of knowledge among youth about the activities, functions and responsibilities of their municipal council and officials.

Through capacity-building workshops, action-learning meetings and town hall gatherings, youth learnt about how they could engage with municipal activities.

By offering training and development opportunities to youth, young people were empowered to become increasingly more engaged, particularly in learning about their potential to influence through advocacy. The youth that participated gained skills, connected with a community of like-minded youth, and were able to develop a concrete outcome, from which they could further engage.

Further information of this strategy can be found here:

From this participation and training, the youth involved developed a “Youth Policy Framework” and a “Youth Action Plan.” The outcomes of the Framework and Plan include increased entrepreneurship and employment, a strengthened culture of volunteering, increased visibility and credibility for youth public participation and higher levels of youth interested in engaging with local actors.

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