Creating a Pathway for Engagement

To engage youth in all areas of the network and create a clear path for youth participation.

AC Generacion Activa Venezuela connects with youth by providing training, tools and social spaces. Training opportunities include workshops, forums, conferences and online diplomas. Social opportunities include whatsapp groups, facebook, virtual forums, face-to-face meetings, round tables, and public campaigns. They also engage with young people through the arts, including satirical performances, stand-up comedy events and concerts.

This strategy was effective because it included a means of reaching youth (training opportunities), a strategy to support the development of young people (training), and an approach to facilitate their continued engagement (through social opportunities). This approach created a clear pathway for youth to participate and continue their participation in the organisation’’s work. AC Generacion Activa Venezuela aims to generate a sense of ownership and belonging within its network and by providing constant opportunity to grow, learn, strengthen teamwork, achieve goals, and build trust and relationships, participants continue to engage. This success, can also be attributed, in part, to the organisation’s recognition of youth as valuable and essential contributors to their work.

The organisation has successfully engaged young people in all aspects of its work, including at decision-making levels.

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