Alianza ONG

From training to co-creation

To engage youth in all areas of the network and create a clear path for youth participation.

Alianza has reached young people online and through word of mouth and has invited youth to network trainings and meetings. After youth participate in a training, Alianza then invites participants to join the campaign. Following the invitation the organisation creates spaces for youth to co-create their own advocacy actions. Alianza further supports the participation of youth through online forums, panels, focus groups and more.

This strategy was successful because Alianza was intentional about continuing to provide opportunities for youth to increase their level of engagement. Through those opportunities the network gave youth the autonomy and power to co-create their own advocacy actions.

Alianza has a number of committed youth that are actively engaged and the network continues to support the engagement of these youth.

Does your organisation have a civil society youth engagement practice that you would like to showcase here? Please let us know in the form below – any language is welcome! If you have any questions, please let us know at agna@civicus.org

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